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My Average Joe Life

Here is a little something I wrote awhile back that I wanted to share for this week.

My average Joe life, marry to my average Joe wife

Living in my average Joe house, you know the one by that field where you saw that mouse.

Driving my average Joe car, going for a drink at my average Joe bar

Wearing my average Joe clothes, which consist of a t-shirt and jean.

This average Joe life, it's so simple, it makes me grin

With my average Joe paid, who is to say? I love my average Joe day...

But they tell me I have to be more than just an average Joe

They say I have to make a lot of dough.

They tell me I should go to school,

They want me to be a doctor so I can use those fancy tools.

They say life will be great, and that I can afford that big house on the lake.

I can take that vacation to France, flying really high. man, everyone looks like ants.

So I'll no longer be an average Joe, I'll have so much money, I probably wouldn't even know.

I'll no longer drive that car, I won't even go back to that bar.

No more jeans and t-shirts, no more eating beans and bratwursts.

Oh how I'm going to miss being an average Joe.

I could careless about making all that dough.

I don't need the big house by the lake, I know I can still be very great.

I just need my average Joe paid, I just want to go home after my 9 to 5 work day.

Average Joe life is so simple, I know I can stand there and smile with my dimples.

How I love my average Joe life, but it's now late.

I have to be at work by eight. so GOOD NIGHT.....