Spiritual Calling


This is a picture of my dad's alter. This is where he practices his spiritual calling.


In this picture you see more clearly as to what is on the table. There are the cow horns that he uses to negotiate with the spirits. There are the finger rings that helps provide a jangle so that the shaman can concentrate in the spirit world. Incents are lit up over by the two red-cloth canister. The egg is provided as an offering, and there are four shots of rice wine also for offering. The two bowls on the side with water are for cleansing.

Traditional ways like this has spread families apart because most Christians do not accept this practices. They are told in church that the offers that we do are done for evil spirits, but as my dad pointed out to many that we are basically doing what they are doing too, driving away bad spirits and seeking help from good spirits. Is it not true that we a person prays in the name of Jesus, he is calling on a spirit?

In the video below, it is one of my wife's uncle performing a spiritual calling in Portland, OR.