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Leadership is the ability to look for people that can do various tasks and engaging them to work in a complementary fashion to deliver the wanted result towards a vision shaped by the leader.

Leadership is the ability to look for people with different skills and strengths, engaging them to work in a collaborative and cooperative way to deliver the wanted result towards the "big picture" and ultimately bringing positive change for the betterment of others, the community and society.

This week was one of the most insightful week so far in EDPA 1301W/ PA 1961W. First of all, the Leadership Journey Presentation ended and through it, I got to learn more about my community. I learned that there are so many people that have gone through struggles that I can never imagine going through without breaking down. But, these people all succeeded without falling down and learned lifelong lessons. Also, the debriefing today made us feel more as a community. Although not many people participated or spoke out at the debriefing today, I could definitely know that everyone was touched in some ways. Then reading "A Social Change Model of Leadership Development" helped me refine my definition. It described a team as music. In music, there are melodies, harmonies and other accompaniment. This analogy made a lot of sense to me. It is, indeed, crucial in a team to have a common purpose, technical competence, self-knowledge and such. And most importantly a team must have "the big picture" or the shared dreams of their own. And most importantly, I learned that in leadership, it is crucial to bring a positive change. The word "positive" is extremely important because it implies that the change be beneficial not only to the team, but also to the group and the society in the end.

Reference: Astin, H. S., & Astin, A. W. (1996). A social change model of leadership development: Guidebook (version III) (pp.4 - 27). Los Angeles: University of California Los Angeles Higher Education Research Institute.

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