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My internet was not connected to U of M secure, so I could not log onto this blog. So I emailed my definition to Jeff. But here is my definition from last week.

Leadership is the ability to look for people with different skills and strengths, engaging them to work in a collaborative and cooperative way to deliver the wanted result towards the "big picture" and ultimately bringing positive change for the betterment of others, the community and society.

Leadership is the ability to gather people with different skills, making them work in a cooperated way, leading them towards a shared goal. But most importantly, leadership is the ability to decide and initiate.

I think my definition is getting more developed and improved every week. But every week, I was forgetting a crucial part of the definition. I didn't realize how important it is to initiate and engage people in a work as a leader until this week. This week I became a person in charge of making a team. I, honestly, think that I had some good ideas how to generate good working team. However, I was not good at initiating. I made plans of what to do in class, but I didn't know how long it would take, and how it would go. I should have contacted others through e-mails, but I had too much stuff and even when I had time, I got lazy. The first day I was supposed to make a team, I did my best to lead the discussion. However, there were too little time for my disorganized ideas. And when I didn't finish the team making process, I was given more days to think about the process. However, I didn't contact anyone even my first attempt failed. Today, the attempt was better than last time, but it was still not great. Time managing was a problem, and initiating again became a problem. Although I was the leader for today, Briana and Jon stood up and led the group. I felt powerless. And Jon told me that maybe I should've pre-made the team before I came to class because sometimes leaders have to "just do it" and make decisions. I think that's what I was lacking and what my definition was lacking. Therefore, a leader must be initiating and decisive.

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Those were some good insights into your eventful week. I think you're right that you could have enlisted the help of other teammates. I'm not sure Jon's plan of just doing it would have served the process, but perhaps the product. I believe that the process was more valuable than the product in this instance.

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