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Leadership is the ability to gather people with different skills, making them work in a cooperated way, leading them towards a shared goal. But most importantly, leadership is the ability to decide and initiate.

Leadership is the ability to gather people with different skills, engaging them to work in a cooperated way to deliver the wanted result towards the beneficial goal and ultimately always having the confidence to step up and initiate. However, a leader must have flexibility to observe the team in a third person view.

This week was very interesting and enjoyable. We finally got into our groups. It seems like teams are beginning to get to know each other better. And learning about Jeff and Brian's Leadership Journey made us stronger as a community. This week, we had a reading about "getting on the balcony." I didn't really get what the articles meant until today during class when Leonardo volunteered to lead an activity. Although Leonardo tried his best to make the activity work in a short amount of time, it didn't quite succeed. It was mainly because everyone only cared and thought about his or her task. If we had gotten on the balcony and looked at the situation from a third person perspective, without panicking, we could have completed the task much easily. However, we were all on the dance floor together, so we only saw things through our own eyes. I think this reading really exemplified that although it is important to be part of the group, sometimes it is crucial to be someone outside the group to know what the group seems like from other perspectives.

Reference: Heifetz, R. A., & Linsky, M. (2002). "Get on the balcony." Leadership on the Line: Staying alive through the dangers of leading (pp. 51 - 74). Boston:Harvard Business School Press.

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