Mid term: Marx & DuBois

W.E.B Dubois:
There are so many opportunities out there for individuals of every color, culture, and class to succeed, only if we are to be given those opportunities. When we are born with a skin color other than white, access to opportunities is a competition with no ending, because everyone is running on the same race and running for the same outcome. With so many of us who wish to obtain the same "American dream, " we have to become the best among the best to be accepted and acknowledged--to be rich and gained power so we can out beat other competitors and lived a stable life. Competition is what limits us to opportunities. For, we are fighting for the same thing, for instance, a better job, a good education and the American life. Since everyone is fighting for the same goal, only certain individuals can be happy. I believe we have to understand that race plays a very important part. We have working class competition among different racial groups for the same job. Over again and again we could see that other racial groups have a more stressful time obtaining a good job due to many reasons, while it might be easier for the white working class to have access to job opportunities, because they are white and society is run by a white culture. This is when we have to understand that, to some extent, the skin color we are born into plays a role in our social struggle to opportunities. Nevertheless, this does not mean we have to segregate ourselves. Though different in skin color, we are not different in our goal of obtaining the American dream; as a result, we need to work together. There, we need to create equal opportunities for everyone. We need to share our wealth with each other. Though harder say than done, the rich need to share with the poor. The whites need to create an equal economic system that benefit people of color, working class and women. Racial discrimination doesn't help anyone to become a better person, a more powerful society, or open job opportunities. I believe racial discrimination is the main limitation that alienates job opportunities and establishment of partnership with each other, due to unequal chances.

From my perspective, when it comes to job opportunities, Black folks have more difficulty looking for jobs; if they do have a job; it is usually one of lower pay. They are mostly the crops and cotton farmers, other than the business men. Black working families spend more time outside of their family then inside their household. They have to put more strength in everything they do to make sure it is the best quality. Among a huge crowd, no one will be willing to let a Black person in to succeed or to be like them (Whites). However, not just black individuals, for any other racial groups, looking for jobs in a pre-dominantly White society is hard. Everyone wants opportunities for a better quality life--a big nice house, a car, and a well paying job. Life is just getting harder and harder as one's is growing old. There bills to pay, kids to take care of and more mouth to feed. When there are no jobs, family fall apart because all the hardship and depression they put on themselves, and their family. We live everyday wondering for a new life, an opportunity to become something, an opportunity to obtain a better future. By being able to change or given an opportunity, we could create more jobs for men, women, and children of every color. Again, equal opportunities equal success for all individuals. Therefore, we need to fight for our rights to live the American dreams.

In this society we are born with different social role. For those who are lucky, they are born into a social role that have everything, and does not have to do anything. They are individuals who have almost every opportunity available for them to succeed. But not everyone's is as lucky. For some of us, we belong with the Bourgeoisie. Since society has already determine the social class, working class individuals have to work hard for little amount of money. They have to work hard to get what they need. I strongly believe working class members are the individuals who create society and shape society the way it is today. The Bourgeoisie works more than any other social class because they are the people in between--neither too rich nor too poor. If they do not work hard they fall to a lower class and even if they work hard, they remain in the same working class (although with a higher amount of money). This is the highest stage they will accomplish to. It also seems like the upper-class want middle-class individuals to stay in the middle class and to not obtained a higher economical status; there needs to exist that hierarchical economical system in order for the rich to utilize the poor and their labor. By having that said the majority of the crowd members are the bourgeoisie, who work day and night to support their family. Within this crowd, each individuals have to fight for what he or she really needs, especially, the need for a job, a home, a car, and the ideal American dream.

Individual experiences and achievement are qualities individuals could use to out beat others for the same job. Even with many working class people working already, we could see that their lives are not as easy as they are shown in films, television shows and dramas we watched. Everyone work alone among other in a huge building to make the society a better economic system. The bourgeoisie maintain their jobs, to an important extent. They performed to the best of their ability to make their product the outstanding one. This tells us that the bourgeoisie put more time and effort to changing the American society. We have to understand that because of the working class people, our society is the way it is today. Therefore, we need to create more jobs for the bourgeoisie class so that our society will continue to be better. Instead of having private owner, we need to provide more company job opportunities for people to benefit from. This overcomes the problem of the crowd of un-hired individuals. When finding job employment gets difficult, everyone struggle through hardship and depression in their own way. To find a suitable job and as well as a nice paying one job can be an obstacle when individuals do not have the product an access to do so; social status also play a factor when trying to open factories if individuals are from a lower class. Nevertheless, society, overall, still depend on bourgeoisie to succeed in an economically-involved society.

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