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A quote that I have found in "Understanding Services" is from B. Cole Bennett. "Recognizing and overcoming noblesse oblige - the obligation assumed by those in "privileged" positions to behave nobly towards those judged less fortunate - should be an ongoing concern for teachers and administrators of service-learning programs." I think that what they say is very true. Though when I read this article, I did not know that it was called noblesse oblige. I sometimes find myself doing this without actually knowing that I am doing this. I believe that people do this all the time without thinking about what they are doing. I believe that serving (noblesse oblige) is not a bad thing. I believe that you grow from every little thing you do. You learn from your mistakes and you learn from the people who you interact with. I think that these authors, who wrote about this issue, are right.


I think what they're getting at with this is that sometimes people come at service with the idea that they've got it all figured out and are simply sharing that with others who are still in the dark. There's a certain arrogance there, that being rich or well educated somehow makes you a better, more worthy person. That's not always the case. Sure, you have things to offer, but so do the people you're serving.