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February 13, 2006

Connections between the readings

Connections between the readings in "Our America" and "Urban Injustice" can be plainly pointed out. A lot of the issues about drugs, housing, education, and etc. are brought up in both books. In "Urban Injustice", the book concetrates more on the history of how the ghetto and the types of things found in the ghetto, came to be. "Our America" is more on life in the ghetto and different people's perspective on what goes on in the ghetto. An example of a comparison between the two books is the issue on education. Education can be brought up in "Our America" as a type of key to a way out of the poverty and violence that can be found in the ghetto. Different people give different perspective on what and how they think of education. The book is more direct on the people rather than the history of education. "Urban Injustice" concetrates on how education was founded and how it came to be in the ghetto. The book concetrates more on the history rather than the people.

February 6, 2006


In chapter 1 of Urban Injustice, I believe you can still see some similarities or some trends now that reflects the pasts. North Minneapolis is still mostly African American dominated. The neighborhoods are still the same as they were back then, as well as financially. African Americans are still not given the right to own houses or move into a white community. Sure, they can or is able to, but the risk is fairly big. African American kids are still being harassed by whites as well as other people of color. All in all, what you see in North Minneapolis is no different than what it is from before. Only with the exception of probably new buildings and new streets. Both history are very similar as well as the loss and the hardship they had to go through. The one difference between both stories of the Jew and the African American's in the Ghetto is that the Jew seems to be more family related while African American seemed to be more on the individual itself. That, I think, is a huge difference.