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Week 12

Some issues I see at my site that is connected with the topics we talked about in class are welfare, education, poverty, and marriage at a young age. The reason why they are related with the topics we talked about in class are that the peope who I teach at HAP all come from a poor family. Because they just moved to the United States not too long ago, they don't have very much money, very little education, and because of this they end up living on welfare in poverish community.
Marriage at a young age could have been more of a topic we could have talked about in class. Sure, it doesn't deal necessarily with the ghetto, but it does happen in the ghetto. Service in my mind, now that I have taken this class, has changed. I use to think that it was doing service without profiting from it, but now that I think about it you can profit from community service. Not in a way where you can spend it on material goods, but profit in a way to better yourself and the community.