Week 3

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Last week's final definition: Leadership can be born or made. In actuality, we make leadership be anything we want it to be because we are who define who we are as leaders.

This week's definition: Being a leader is not able being able to define who we are as leaders but also be able to encourage followers, give a sense of direction and connect the whole organization or community together.

Analysis of the differences in the definitions: I think I realized that it is not important to know whether if leaders are born or made. It is more important to understand that leaders have a bigger role in an organization or community. Leaders are those who connect a system together and keep it moving onwards.

Kyle, D. T. (1998). "The sovereign: The power of presences." The Four Powers of Leadership: Presence, intention, wisdom, compassion (pp. 159 - 191). Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc.

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