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The article from the Star Tribune has three sources total. One is the Metropolitan Council and the other two are Peter Bell and Michelle Sommer who is the president of the union. The sources are scattered throughout the article and there are good full quotes and partial quotes used. A few factual information about pay rate and the history of this negotiation are both based on reports while most of the other sources are from actual people. Most of the attributions are "(person) said", while there is one that is "said (person)" with their title included. There is good usage of partial quotes from one person combined with a full quote following afterward. The attributions were used very well and effective and were not confusing at all.

12 Dead in a Bus Crash in Germany

A Polish holiday bus lost control and drove into a column of a bridge killing 12 people, which included the driver, and severally injuring 19.

According to the bus was on route from Spain to Poland when the accident occurred.

As reported by MSNBC, "Arne Feuring, president of police in Frankfurt an der Oder" had said that authorities believed that the bus crashed in a car "that was merging on to the highway and then slammed into a pylon of an overpass".

The U's Produced Film, "Troubled Waters", Will Air

The University's produced "Troubled Waters" will air on it's original date due to it being pulled for more scientific review.

The Vice President of University Relations of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, Karen Himle, decided on the pull claiming that it focused on too much "commercial interests".

According to The Minnesota Daily the film will premiere and be made available to the public. Bell Museum Director Susan Weller said that the film will be analyzed by a review panel and shown in the spring but after receiving documents saying that the film had already been analyzed the film will no longer be postponed.

As reported in the Star Tribune, the postponing of the film was responded with backlash from "leaders of the Audubon Society, Friends of the Mississippi River, Conservation Minnesota, Izaak Walton League and others" from a letter sent to President Robert Bruininks. The letter called on Bruininks "to release the film for broadcast, implement a review of university conflict-of-interest policy, and ask for Himle's resignation if she acted improperly".

Transit Union Workers Deny Latest Contract

Metro Transit workers have turned down the latest contract made by the Metropolitan Council on Tuesday evening.

The contract is the final one proposed by the Met Council but further negotiations will continue between the council and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005 or a strike may result, according to The Minnesota Daily.

TheStar Tribune reports that the negotiations between the council and ATU Local 1005 have begun since February. According to Met Council Chairman Peter Bell, with the state having a "$5.8 billion budget deficit", it wouldn't be fair to the taxpayers and the transit system to have to "agree to a contract that busts those budgetary parameters that we've established".

Hyundai Recalls 140,000 Cars

Hyundai Motor Co. is recalling 139,500 Sonatas due to a steering wheel problem.

The cars manufactured during December 2009 to September 2010 have the steering wheel issue.

MSNBC reports that the steering wheels have an column shafts that could be loosely tightened or improperly built which could result in separation of the steering wheel or losing control of steering the vehicle.

According to, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was brought to the attention of the steering wheel problem when "two incidents reported by Hyundai itself through the government's 'Early Warning Reporting' system" resulted in cars losing control or the wheel coming completely off.

The recall is set to start in October.

Bomb Scare on Plane to Pakistan

A 20-year-old Canadian man was detained, Sunday, on suspicion of carrying explosives onto a plane.

According to MSNBC, the 273 passengers were told that the plane landed due to technical issues in Sweden on its way to Pakistan from Canada.

On, it was reported that the man was released with not enough concrete evidence against him. He also did not know why he was involved in the situation and why he was being questioned.

The Star Tribune reports that the call was made from an unidentified woman that may have had an "ax to grind" with the man. If the woman is found she may be charged with public mischief.

The Pope Visits Britain

The Pope's visit to Britain was in light of the sex abuse scandals involving priests and children from the past and the recent occurrences of the church sex abuse scandals.

According to the Pioneer Press, the Pope met with 5 individuals that were victims of past sex abuse from their priests and had apologized to them.

CNN reports that the Pope views this scandal as an issue that is "'seriously undermines the moral credibility of church leaders.'"

In light of the visit, the Pope held a mass at Westminster Cathedral and expressed his praises to Britain for standing up against the Nazi's on the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britian.

Analysis: Lead story of the killed pedestrain on Highway 10

The story for the Star Tribune does quite a good creating a hard-news lead. The first sentence/ paragraph has every element except the "why". For some reason a little bit of the "why" ends up coming near the end of the story. The second paragraph contains the much needed details of her age, name, when it exactly happened and more details about the event. Near the end, as mentioned, the "why" shows up and little information about the driver was last.

Pedestrain on Highway 10 Killed

A woman walking along Highway 10 in Sherburne County was struck and killed early Sunday. The Pioneer Press reports that Michelle A. Westphal was struck from behind around 12:15 a.m. while walking in the right lane going westbound near 168th Avenue. Westphal did have alcohol detected on her as mentioned in the Star Tribune. William Blackhurst, 56, was the driver of the car and was not injured.

The Dangers of Fake Pot

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With marijuana being illegal most people these days are turning towards "synthetic marijuana" to smoke. The "synthetic marijuana" is actually sold as incense but people instead decide to use it to smoke, ignoring the "Not for human consumption" label right on the packaging.

According to the Pioneer Press, dangerous side-effects after smoking the incense are seizures and increases in "heart rate and blood pressure".

Stated in both the Pioneer Press and the City Pages, these incenses are being sold everywhere from gas stations and convenience stores to regular smoke shops.

A recent event involving 14-year-old Sam Huberty of Hastings has brought more attention of the drug to the local government. Many are hoping to make this drug illegal when the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, in July, has already placed "synthetic cannabinoids to the list of Schedule 1 drugs", which are the main ingredients to the incense that make people smoke them. As early as November, the substances could be made illegal by the board.

Voting in Afghanistan

Heading towards the polls in Afghanistan Saturday, Afghans were not able to ignore the bomb attacks, the bullets and the danger around just voting.

According to CNN, the turn-out of voters were around 40 percent voting for more than 2,500 candidates for only 249 seats.

Though vote fraud was very much speculated for this year it did not seem as big of a deal as the danger and terror that was happening around the poll sites. As reported in the Pioneer Press, NATO's International Security Assistance Force, stationed in Kabul, sent out about "300,000 Afghan police officers and soldiers" to polling sites to keep the voters safe.

Voting turn-out was quite low but the ballots will be taking longer than just a few weeks to sort through. In the Star Tribune counting the ballots could even take up months to count and the results could end up coming out in October.

Despite the dangers of just casting a vote, some Afghan officials have stated, seen in the Pioneer Press, that it was truly a show of democracy.

BP Well Finally Dead

It was Sunday morning that BP's well was finally declared dead at 5:54 a.m.

According to CNN pressure tests were conducted early that day which resulted in the well being completely plugged.

The explosion that had occurred on April 20 had killed 11 workers and still has oil on the shores of the coast and fishing areas are still closed off. Shrimpers are still having a hard time selling shrimps to tourists and people outside of New Orleans, as mentioned in theStar Tribune.

And investigation is still underway as to who had caused the explosion of the well in the first place. As reported in The Wall Street Journal, most of the blame has been "employees of BP, Transocean and Halliburton".

Although the well has finally been plugged up it will still be known as the worst oil spill in history and still has big repercussions on the people that have this issue has involved or revolved around.