Voting in Afghanistan

Heading towards the polls in Afghanistan Saturday, Afghans were not able to ignore the bomb attacks, the bullets and the danger around just voting.

According to CNN, the turn-out of voters were around 40 percent voting for more than 2,500 candidates for only 249 seats.

Though vote fraud was very much speculated for this year it did not seem as big of a deal as the danger and terror that was happening around the poll sites. As reported in the Pioneer Press, NATO's International Security Assistance Force, stationed in Kabul, sent out about "300,000 Afghan police officers and soldiers" to polling sites to keep the voters safe.

Voting turn-out was quite low but the ballots will be taking longer than just a few weeks to sort through. In the Star Tribune counting the ballots could even take up months to count and the results could end up coming out in October.

Despite the dangers of just casting a vote, some Afghan officials have stated, seen in the Pioneer Press, that it was truly a show of democracy.