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Brazil's first female president

Brazil elected its first female president Sunday based on her promised to continue the legacy of the previous president.

Dilma Rousseff has seen as the person to continue what Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva did when he was the former president.

Rousseff hopes to continue to create more jobs and make the economy better.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Brazil has become "the world's eighth-biggest economy in recent years, giving it enough clout to help push the U.S. and Europe to include emerging nations in talks on the global financial crisis."

Mentioned on CNN.com, Rousseff, who used to be a "eft-wing guerrilla fighter during the military dictatorship rule in the 1960s", is fighting more on the equality of gender in Brazil.

She has claimed that when she was energy minister during da Silva's presidency, she has made Brazil become "one of the world's leading energy giants."

Weather interrupts search for Minn. family's missing plane

Blizzard-like conditions forced a stop the search for a Minnesota's family's missing plane in Wyoming.

Teams have been created to search the grounds as well as a helicopter used for grid search. Sunday marks the sixth day of searching for the family.

According to CNN.com, the family was en route from "Jackson Hole, Wyoming, airport on Monday. It was bound for Riverton, Wyoming" heading towards Minneapolis, Minn.

Two search teams were stopped during Saturday's search and had to stay in the area because of the "blizzard-like" conditions that came in.

Mentioned in the Star Tribune, the family on board the plane was "Luke Bucklin and his sons, 14-year-old twins Nate and Nick and 12-year-old Noah".

The search crew received cards, letters and notes of thank you's and support on Saturday.

Blaine teenager killed on her way to school

A teenager from Blaine was on her way to school when she was struck by a car and died.

According to the Star Tribune, Sara Hendrickson, 15, who was a sophomore at Spring Lake Park High School, was crossing County Road 10 by the crosswalks of the intersection with Washington Street at 6:20 a.m.

As mentioned in the Pioneer Press, the driver who struck her pulled over and called 911. "Hendrickson was taken to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, where she later died."

Wikileaks documents show that hikers brought to Iranian border

The leaked government documents from Wikileaks show the possibilities that the hikers could have been brought to the Iranian border and arrested.

According to the Star Tribune, the 400,000 page document was written when the hikers were detained July 31, 2009. The origin of the documents are being questioned even though they look authentic. The Pentagon has declined to say if the documents are authentic or not.

As mentioned on CNN.com, the document "has been heavily redacted". It also ends with an assessment that reads, "the lack of coordination on the part of these hikers, particularly after being forewarned, indicates an intent to agitate and create publicity regarding international policies on [Iran]".

Obama talks about Anti-gay bullying

Obama has taped a video message about the recent bullying and suicides of the LGBT community.

As mentioned on the Pioneer Press, Obama talks about the hardships of the feelings of not fitting in and bullying not a "just a normal rite of passage". He goes on to mention how "it gets better".

On CNN.com, Dan Savage, founder of the "It Gets Better Project", mentioned that in order for everybody to believe what President Obama is saying, he needs to prove it with some action. Savage mentions that in order for Obama's words to mean something, he talks about how the Obama administration should stop appealing court rulings for the "don't ask don't tell" rule.

2 men killed during dirt bike ride

Two men were killed Saturday night after one collided with the other.

According to the Pioneer Press, police were called around 11:30 p.m. and discovered that 28-year-old Kevin Allen McElwee collided with 20-year-old Jonathan Nickolas Clough.

As mentioned in the Star Tribune, the two were friends spending a weekend up north. They decided to go have a dirt bike ride late at night. They're headlights were not working.

Man and Dog hit by car on I-94

A man was taken to Region's Hospital and is in critical condition after getting hit by a car on Interstate 94, chasing after his dog.

Joshua James Davis was walking on the eastbound lane around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, chasing his dog who got loose.

According to the Star Tribune, the driver of the car, Samantha Russell, 18, and her passenger Brandon Mueller, 20, both of Lindstrom, Minn., were not seriously injured.

Davis was chasing both his pit bulls that were lose. One was found uninjured but Davis and his other pit bull was hit by the car.

As mentioned in thePioneer Press, it is still unknown as to "how Davis' dogs ended up on the interstate", but his car was found on the side near the crash site.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad talks "nuclear"

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is saying that he is ready for talks about the nuclear program with the West.

According to MSNBC, the West and UN is afraid that the nuclear program that Iran is using for peaceful reason could possibly be used to make their own nuclear weapons.

As mentioned on CNN.com, it's been since October 2009 since Iran has talked to the "P5 plus one group" which consists of the five permanent UN Security Council members: United States, Britain, China, Russia and France.

They all believe that Iran is holding back but Iran is saying that they are open to talks coming next month.

A 62-year-old Lakeville man was killed after he and his wife collided with a car on Cedar Avenue Saturday afternoon.

As reported in thePioneer Press Ricky Dean Ball and his wife Nancy Lynette Ball, 61, were riding separate motorcycles going southbound when they collided into the car of Donna May Rolllins, 76, on 230th Street.

According to the Star Tribune, Rollins was turning into a private driveway when the collision occurred.

Ball died while his wife was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis for serious injuries and Rollins was taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for minor injuries.

Comparisons of two slideshows

The two slideshows I am focusing on are not similar stories but I will look at how they tell their stories.

In the New York Times Slideshow about the Achuar tribe in Ecuador, the pictures show and tell the story of how the tribe is resorting to tourism to keep their culture alive. The pictures show different people of the tribe: children, elders, shamans and families. There are other pictures that help build up the landscape, how the tribe has adapted to the tourist life, and different aspects of the culture that tourists will run into. The captions bring the photos to life and do a great job of describing what the pictures are. The writing brings up a sad emotion for the tribe in how the story is presented.

On MSNBC Today, there is a story about a little girl named Autumn de Forest who is becoming quite an artist. Her paintings are selling for over thousands of dollars and how she does it all by herself. There are videos incorporated into the slides as well as texts and captions. Most of the pictures are of her paintings but there are a few of her painting herself. Because most of the pictures were of just her painting, there really wasn't a lot of the story being told. Seeing as they linked the video to the slideshow, they let the video do the story-telling.

Iran releases Iranian-American from prison after 2 years

And American business man from Southern California is released after being detained for 2 years in prison in Iran.

According to the Pioneer Press, Reza Taghavi was accused of supporting a "violent opposition group" by handing over 200 dollars to a man from the group.

Taghavi denied knowing the group and who the man was. As mentioned on CNN.com, Taghavi was asked by "an acquaintance in Los Angeles" to give 200 dollars to a friend who lived in Tehran who wasn't doing so well.

Taghavi was arrested in May 2008 and is returning to the United States this week.

Fox pulls channel over contract dispute

Fox Networks, owned by News Corp., pulled their channels from Cablevision for 3 million New York viewers because of a fee dispute.

Fox had said they would pull the plug on their channels when they demanded Cablevision for a fee increase from their consumers.

As mentioned on CNN.com, Cablevision did not agree to it with the fact that their consumers should have to pay a higher fee when living in such a bad economy.

This isn't the first time a network has pulled the plug on their channels. Cablevision has had disputes with the Walt Disney company and the Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.'s Food Network and HGTV.

According to the Star Tribune, not only did Fox pull their networks on television but even online on Hulu and other websites.

Archdiocese to close down and merge 20 churches

The Archdiocese is planning to close down and merge 20 of its churches starting at the beginning of 2011.

The 20 churches that are closing down will merge with other closer churches to become one. Most of the churches that are closing are due to debt, decline in priests and in attendance of parish members.

The Star Tribune mentions that most of the urban churches are being closed down due to the rise in attendance in immigrant-heavy communities and suburbs.

According to the Pioneer Press, 98 schools in the Archdiocese will take further "self-review for all schools followed by parish-based decisions on sustainability". If the school is not, then it will close.

Israeli Cabinet approves oath to Israel

The Israeli Cabinet has approved an amendment to the citizenship law that requires new non-Jew citizens to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to Israel as a "democratic state".

According to CNN.com, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the idea of changing the law saying that it was "undemocratic and could harm relations with the minority Arab population".

Mentioned in the Star Tribune, other Israelis, find the law discriminatory because it only applies to non-Jews, and not even to those Jews of Jewish descent who come back to Israel based on the country's Law of Return

Pawlenty endorses Emmer while taking a hit at Horner

Governor Tim Pawlenty endorses Tom Emmer and takes a hit at Tom Horner.

Pawlenty commented on Horner has a "decent" man who he has known for 30 years but that his campaign proposals will be leading the state in the "wrong direction".

According to theStar Tribune, Pawlenty wrote in a statement that "'Any Republican who votes for Tom Horner is not only helping (Democrat) Mark Dayton become governor, but casting a vote to undo the tax and spending cuts we've fought so hard for over the last 8 years'".

In the Pioneer Press, it is mentioned that Horner used to work as a Republican Party strategist, in which he is focusing on taking care of Minnesota's budget deficit by "tacking the sales tax on more items".

With this plan, Horner plans to become the "moderate alternative" between Emmer and Dayton.

Brett Favre Sexting Allegations

The NFL is investigating more into the sexting allegations that involves Brett Favre and a Jets employee when he played in 2008.

According to the Star Tribune Access Vikings, Favre has not commented on the issue and is still focusing on his tendinitis in his elbow.

The incident, mentioned by the Pioneer Press, involves Favre sending inappropriate images and leaving voicemails to the employee, Jenn Sterger.

Vikings coach Brad Childress has said that they are supporting Favre through this situation as well as his elbow injury.

Afghan Government Closes Down Eight Private Security Firms

The Afghan Government closes down eight private security firms and keeping only those that are supporting the international embassies and organizations.

These firms are being banned on the basis that they are training guards that are protecting "military convoys, government officials and businesspeople". Weapons have been seized from these companies.

According to the Star Tribune, the companies that are included in the list of eight firms are; Xe Services (formerly called Blackwater), NCL Holdings LLC, Four Horsemen International(FHI), Compass International and two Afghan firms White Eagle and Abdul Khaliq Achakzai. The other two were reported as smaller firms that the names were not important.

As reported on CNN.com, Afghan President Hamid Karza, declared a decree to disband all the private security firms by the end of four months.

Most of this is done in protection of the people of Afghanistan, to avoid corruption and so on.

The Mississippi River Cresting in St. Paul

Based on all the rainfall that Minnesota has had the past month, it wasn't surprising to see that the Mississippi River would crest.

As reported in the Pioneer Press, the river was to crest at the maximum of 17 feet during the afternoon of Saturday October 2 which would be reaching "major flood state".

However, in the Star Tribune, the river only crested a foot below of the prediction.

Members of the Minnesota congressional delegation sent a letter to President Obama, on Friday, asking for a disaster declaration for the 21 counties in Southern Minnesota. Governor Tim Pawlenty as well had ask for the same declaration and funds to help clean-up the disaster that was estimated to be $64 million.

St. Cloud Woman Arrested for Abusing Infant

A 27-year-old St. Cloud woman was arrested Friday, with charges of first and third-degree assault as well as malicious punishment to a child, after abusing an infant and leaving a child alone at home.

According to the Pioneer Press, Crystel Lee Tjernagel is in custody in Stearns County Jail awaiting her first trial.

The infant was brought to the hospital where the nurses had called the police after seeing the infant and the injuries the infant had received which they said was similar to child abuse injuries.

The infant was airlifted to a different metro hospital because of the severity of the injuries.

As reported in the Star Tribune, when the cops went to the apartment of where the incident had occurred, it was there that they had found the second child unattended. The child was placed in protective custody.