Afghan Government Closes Down Eight Private Security Firms

The Afghan Government closes down eight private security firms and keeping only those that are supporting the international embassies and organizations.

These firms are being banned on the basis that they are training guards that are protecting "military convoys, government officials and businesspeople". Weapons have been seized from these companies.

According to the Star Tribune, the companies that are included in the list of eight firms are; Xe Services (formerly called Blackwater), NCL Holdings LLC, Four Horsemen International(FHI), Compass International and two Afghan firms White Eagle and Abdul Khaliq Achakzai. The other two were reported as smaller firms that the names were not important.

As reported on, Afghan President Hamid Karza, declared a decree to disband all the private security firms by the end of four months.

Most of this is done in protection of the people of Afghanistan, to avoid corruption and so on.