Brazil's first female president

Brazil elected its first female president Sunday based on her promised to continue the legacy of the previous president.

Dilma Rousseff has seen as the person to continue what Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva did when he was the former president.

Rousseff hopes to continue to create more jobs and make the economy better.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Brazil has become "the world's eighth-biggest economy in recent years, giving it enough clout to help push the U.S. and Europe to include emerging nations in talks on the global financial crisis."

Mentioned on, Rousseff, who used to be a "eft-wing guerrilla fighter during the military dictatorship rule in the 1960s", is fighting more on the equality of gender in Brazil.

She has claimed that when she was energy minister during da Silva's presidency, she has made Brazil become "one of the world's leading energy giants."