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Two men in custody for homicide in a St. Louis Park hotel

Two suspects are in custody in connection to a homicide that occurred in a St. Louis Park hotel, police said.

Apple Valley couple asks public to help decide abortion or not

A couple from Apple Valley has created quite a stir by creating the website "birth or not" to have strangers and the public vote on whether they should keep their 17 week old fetus or abort it.

According to the Star Tribune, Alisha Arnold, 30, and her husband, Peter Arnold, started the poll because Alisha Arnold was having an emotionally hard time after having three miscarriages recently. They wanted the public to voice their opinions and help their decision because they didn't know if they, or rather Alisha Arnold, would be prepared for having a baby.

Reported on the Pioneer Press, there have been a lot of commotion as to whether the creation of such a website and poll is done for seriousness, for fame, for attention or as a fad. According to Peter Arnold's mother, they were serious about the decision.

Sandi Arnold agrees that putting such a heated topic online for the public to see is a very touchy subject. She said that a lot of people will get very personal with the site. She never thought that it would get so much attention and neither did the Alisha and Peter Arnold.

Although many people are putting in their thoughts into the subject, Alisha and Peter Arnold said that they will be the ones to make the final decisions. Dec. 7 is the last day Alisha Arnold can get an abortion. The site will be closed two days before so that they can decide what they want to do.

Former prime minister of Israel home still in comatose condition

Israel's former prime minister, Ariel Sharon, was transferred to his home Friday, even though his condition has not changed.

According to, Sharon will continue to get treatment, but from the comforts of his home, will be able to "as premier he would summon advisers to plan strategies."

Reported by, he is spending the weekend at his home before returning to "the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer." The hospital also intends on making "similar weekend trips for the next several weeks" in case there are possibilities that he will permanently stay at home.

Sharon experienced a stroke in January 2006 which left him in a coma.

On, Sharon, "known as 'the Bulldozer,' the barrel-framed former army officer was a divisive figure in Israeli politics."

Republicans sue two counties to rush gov. race data for recount

St. Louse and Pine county have been given an court injunction from a lawsuit filed by GOP Tom Emmer and Minnesota Republicans asking for the voting data for the governor's race.

The data is quickly needed for the recount.

The Pioneer Press reported that Emmer is behind Mark Dayton by 8,755 votes which was enough of a difference for a recount. The recount will not occur till after Thanksgiving.

According to the Star Tribune, the data needed are tally sheets, names of election judges, voter registration and so on. In St. Louis, "Patricia Stolee, St. Louis County's Director of Elections," is working on getting the information but certain information cannot be obtained and "made public until the rolls are updated."

Reported by the Star Tribune, Minnesota state law states that " 'No polling place roster may be inspected until the voting history for that precinct has been posted. No voter registration application may be inspected until the information on it has been entered into the statewide registration system.' "

Cruise vacation gone bad

Without running water, electricity and canned foods, people who were supposed to enjoy a fabulous vacation were adrift at sea for four days starting Monday.

CNN.comreported that the Carnival Splendor was unable to fully function when a fire started in the engine room, shutting off power to the air conditioner, broken toilets, "hot showers or refrigeration" early into the planned seven day cruise.

According to the Pioneer Press, the "Carnival said a crankcase split" on one of the six diesel engines which caused the fire. "Smoke filled hallways toward the back of the ship, and a smoky odor reached the front cabins."

The Navy flew in Pop-Tarts, Spam and other canned goods for the passengers. Since there was no power, many people were forced to resort to taking the nine flight of stairs to get to the dining hall which already had long lines of people.

The Pioneer Press reported that the shipped docked in San Diego Thursday. Passengers were given a full refund of the trip, and airfare and given a free cruise.

The incident is currently being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. However, officials from Panama will be in charge of the investigation since "that is the country the vessel is flagged under," reported

U of M president search narrowed down to one finalist

A University of Minnesota alum and provost at Stony Brook University in New York has been announced as a finalist for the search for the University of Minnesota's next president.

The Pioneer Press reported that Eric Kaler was the only finalist of the four who would give an interview and be announced publicly.

Two of the finalist said that they would not be part of the pool so they were pulled from the discussion at Friday's meeting.

As mentioned on the Star Tribune, many people did not agree with the idea of choosing just the sole finalist. Many also were worried about not picking an academic, but based on Kaler's background, it is impressive, the work that he has done.

Although Kaler has been publicly announced as the sole finalist, he may not get the position of being the 16th president at the University.

Kaler will be making a visit Wednesday and Thursday to meet and talk with the campus community and the regents.

Kaler graduated from the University with a doctorate in chemical engineering from 1982.

Palin's e-mail hacker sentenced to go to prison or halfway house

A 22 year old former University of Tennessee student was sentenced Friday, to a year and one day for hacking into Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account during the 2008 presidential campaign.

MSNBC/ Associated Press reported that the judge recommend that David Kernell be sent to a halfway house instead of prison. He said Kernell should also get mental health treatment based on the defense statements he gave Friday about having depression since the age of 11.

According to, Kernell's reason behind hacking into Palin's personal e-mail was to "derail" her vice presidential campaign.

Kernell found nothing that could help. He only found things which he said would not " 'derail her campaign as I had hoped, all I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor ... And pictures of her family ... I read everything, every little Blackberry confirmation ... all the pictures, and there was nothing...'."

Prosecutors wanted Kernell to serve 18 months in prison but the judge rejected the idea. At the moment, Kernell is not serving the sentence yet as the Bureau of Prison is still deciding the location of where Kernell should be confined.

Number use analysis

The Wall Street Journal article titled "Consumer-Sentiment Index Shows Improvement", a survey was used to get insight into how consumers feel about economics and shopping. The reporter uses percentages, and index readings to give information about the survey. He also uses one number to help with a fact. Those percentages are what consumers thought about inflation and if it would rise by how much, one was for a duration of time and the index numbers were averages.

The numbers are not overwhelming but the index readings aren't told how they were found and how many people were surveyed. The reporter did not use math at all but these must have just been numbers that were part of the survey that he used to report on. The sources are from the Reuters and "University of Michigan consumer-sentiment index."

Man Arrested for Swedish shootings at immigrants

A 38-year-old man of Swedish descent has been arrested on the suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

The recent shootings have been targeted at immigrants. The shootings occur during "growing tensions over immigration in Sweden," according to The Associated Press.

The man was arrested at this home. Information pointing to the suspect was given by the public, according to

The shootings include eight people who have been injured and "a woman, 20, killed," according to

John Stuart Ingle Obit Analysis

This obituary followed the New York Times formula as well. The only sources are John Stuart Ingle's son, Jenny Nellis, a long-time colleague at the University of Minnesota - Morris, Fred Peterson, an art historian and artist at Morris, and a Minnesota author John Camp who wrote a book about Ingle and his paintings.

For his factual parts of the article there is no source attributed, and there are parts where he writes, "was known", "was remembered" and such. The lead, since it does follow the New York Times formula is a standard obituary lead. The lead does work since it is so basic, but it's mainly the title of the article that brings the reader into it.

The obituary differs from a resume because it is not so focused on the experience, work and education of a person but rather about what made them so important to the community or just to the people around them in general. A resume is so stiff and to the point, but an obituary gives the person a last time to tell their story and what made them great.

John Stuart Ingle Obituary

Although two African runners won the New York City Marathon on Saturday, it was a Chilean participant who got all the attention.

Edison Pena, the 12th miner pulled from the caved in mines in Chile participated in the marathon and finished with a time of 5 hours 40 minutes and 51 seconds, according to The Associated Press.

As mentioned on, Pena was invited to participate in the marathon because he used to run in the caves to keep in shape.

Pena said that running the race was just a "symbol of bravery and a struggle against myself against the pain that I have been feeling".

Sunday on CNN's State of the Union, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said that if he was to run for presidency, repealing Obama's health care law would be a part of his platform.

According to the Star Tribune, Pawlenty said that Obamacare is "one of the worst pieces of legislation passed in the modern history of the country." Pawlenty said that he has signed "an executive order" stating that Minnesota will not participate in Obamacare unless it is required by the law or from permission from Pawlenty.

Pawlenty also said that he prefers the government not to handle health programs and that the state, businesses and the people should be in charge.

Mentioned on the Pioneer Press, Pawlenty will make a decision early next year if he plans to race for presidency.

17-year-old boy dies at Indoor Water Park

A 17-year-old boy died at an indoor water park in Brooklyn Park Saturday night.

According to the Pioneer Press, it seems to be an apparent drowning which Hennepin County authorities are investigating.

The boy was pulled out of the water near the end of the water slide. The indoor park is in the Grand Rios Ramada Hotel and Indoor Water Park.

As mentioned in the Star Tribune, CPR was "administered to the victim" and later taken to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale where he died.