Apple Valley couple asks public to help decide abortion or not

A couple from Apple Valley has created quite a stir by creating the website "birth or not" to have strangers and the public vote on whether they should keep their 17 week old fetus or abort it.

According to the Star Tribune, Alisha Arnold, 30, and her husband, Peter Arnold, started the poll because Alisha Arnold was having an emotionally hard time after having three miscarriages recently. They wanted the public to voice their opinions and help their decision because they didn't know if they, or rather Alisha Arnold, would be prepared for having a baby.

Reported on the Pioneer Press, there have been a lot of commotion as to whether the creation of such a website and poll is done for seriousness, for fame, for attention or as a fad. According to Peter Arnold's mother, they were serious about the decision.

Sandi Arnold agrees that putting such a heated topic online for the public to see is a very touchy subject. She said that a lot of people will get very personal with the site. She never thought that it would get so much attention and neither did the Alisha and Peter Arnold.

Although many people are putting in their thoughts into the subject, Alisha and Peter Arnold said that they will be the ones to make the final decisions. Dec. 7 is the last day Alisha Arnold can get an abortion. The site will be closed two days before so that they can decide what they want to do.