Cruise vacation gone bad

Without running water, electricity and canned foods, people who were supposed to enjoy a fabulous vacation were adrift at sea for four days starting Monday.

CNN.comreported that the Carnival Splendor was unable to fully function when a fire started in the engine room, shutting off power to the air conditioner, broken toilets, "hot showers or refrigeration" early into the planned seven day cruise.

According to the Pioneer Press, the "Carnival said a crankcase split" on one of the six diesel engines which caused the fire. "Smoke filled hallways toward the back of the ship, and a smoky odor reached the front cabins."

The Navy flew in Pop-Tarts, Spam and other canned goods for the passengers. Since there was no power, many people were forced to resort to taking the nine flight of stairs to get to the dining hall which already had long lines of people.

The Pioneer Press reported that the shipped docked in San Diego Thursday. Passengers were given a full refund of the trip, and airfare and given a free cruise.

The incident is currently being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. However, officials from Panama will be in charge of the investigation since "that is the country the vessel is flagged under," reported