John Stuart Ingle Obit Analysis

This obituary followed the New York Times formula as well. The only sources are John Stuart Ingle's son, Jenny Nellis, a long-time colleague at the University of Minnesota - Morris, Fred Peterson, an art historian and artist at Morris, and a Minnesota author John Camp who wrote a book about Ingle and his paintings.

For his factual parts of the article there is no source attributed, and there are parts where he writes, "was known", "was remembered" and such. The lead, since it does follow the New York Times formula is a standard obituary lead. The lead does work since it is so basic, but it's mainly the title of the article that brings the reader into it.

The obituary differs from a resume because it is not so focused on the experience, work and education of a person but rather about what made them so important to the community or just to the people around them in general. A resume is so stiff and to the point, but an obituary gives the person a last time to tell their story and what made them great.

John Stuart Ingle Obituary