Republicans sue two counties to rush gov. race data for recount

St. Louse and Pine county have been given an court injunction from a lawsuit filed by GOP Tom Emmer and Minnesota Republicans asking for the voting data for the governor's race.

The data is quickly needed for the recount.

The Pioneer Press reported that Emmer is behind Mark Dayton by 8,755 votes which was enough of a difference for a recount. The recount will not occur till after Thanksgiving.

According to the Star Tribune, the data needed are tally sheets, names of election judges, voter registration and so on. In St. Louis, "Patricia Stolee, St. Louis County's Director of Elections," is working on getting the information but certain information cannot be obtained and "made public until the rolls are updated."

Reported by the Star Tribune, Minnesota state law states that " 'No polling place roster may be inspected until the voting history for that precinct has been posted. No voter registration application may be inspected until the information on it has been entered into the statewide registration system.' "