U of M president search narrowed down to one finalist

A University of Minnesota alum and provost at Stony Brook University in New York has been announced as a finalist for the search for the University of Minnesota's next president.

The Pioneer Press reported that Eric Kaler was the only finalist of the four who would give an interview and be announced publicly.

Two of the finalist said that they would not be part of the pool so they were pulled from the discussion at Friday's meeting.

As mentioned on the Star Tribune, many people did not agree with the idea of choosing just the sole finalist. Many also were worried about not picking an academic, but based on Kaler's background, it is impressive, the work that he has done.

Although Kaler has been publicly announced as the sole finalist, he may not get the position of being the 16th president at the University.

Kaler will be making a visit Wednesday and Thursday to meet and talk with the campus community and the regents.

Kaler graduated from the University with a doctorate in chemical engineering from 1982.