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Former prime minister of Israel home still in comatose condition

Israel's former prime minister, Ariel Sharon, was transferred to his home Friday, even though his condition has not changed.

According to, Sharon will continue to get treatment, but from the comforts of his home, will be able to "as premier he would summon advisers to plan strategies."

Reported by, he is spending the weekend at his home before returning to "the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer." The hospital also intends on making "similar weekend trips for the next several weeks" in case there are possibilities that he will permanently stay at home.

Sharon experienced a stroke in January 2006 which left him in a coma.

On, Sharon, "known as 'the Bulldozer,' the barrel-framed former army officer was a divisive figure in Israeli politics."

Man Arrested for Swedish shootings at immigrants

A 38-year-old man of Swedish descent has been arrested on the suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

The recent shootings have been targeted at immigrants. The shootings occur during "growing tensions over immigration in Sweden," according to The Associated Press.

The man was arrested at this home. Information pointing to the suspect was given by the public, according to

The shootings include eight people who have been injured and "a woman, 20, killed," according to

Brazil's first female president

Brazil elected its first female president Sunday based on her promised to continue the legacy of the previous president.

Dilma Rousseff has seen as the person to continue what Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva did when he was the former president.

Rousseff hopes to continue to create more jobs and make the economy better.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Brazil has become "the world's eighth-biggest economy in recent years, giving it enough clout to help push the U.S. and Europe to include emerging nations in talks on the global financial crisis."

Mentioned on, Rousseff, who used to be a "eft-wing guerrilla fighter during the military dictatorship rule in the 1960s", is fighting more on the equality of gender in Brazil.

She has claimed that when she was energy minister during da Silva's presidency, she has made Brazil become "one of the world's leading energy giants."

Wikileaks documents show that hikers brought to Iranian border

The leaked government documents from Wikileaks show the possibilities that the hikers could have been brought to the Iranian border and arrested.

According to the Star Tribune, the 400,000 page document was written when the hikers were detained July 31, 2009. The origin of the documents are being questioned even though they look authentic. The Pentagon has declined to say if the documents are authentic or not.

As mentioned on, the document "has been heavily redacted". It also ends with an assessment that reads, "the lack of coordination on the part of these hikers, particularly after being forewarned, indicates an intent to agitate and create publicity regarding international policies on [Iran]".

Iran releases Iranian-American from prison after 2 years

And American business man from Southern California is released after being detained for 2 years in prison in Iran.

According to the Pioneer Press, Reza Taghavi was accused of supporting a "violent opposition group" by handing over 200 dollars to a man from the group.

Taghavi denied knowing the group and who the man was. As mentioned on, Taghavi was asked by "an acquaintance in Los Angeles" to give 200 dollars to a friend who lived in Tehran who wasn't doing so well.

Taghavi was arrested in May 2008 and is returning to the United States this week.

Israeli Cabinet approves oath to Israel

The Israeli Cabinet has approved an amendment to the citizenship law that requires new non-Jew citizens to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to Israel as a "democratic state".

According to, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the idea of changing the law saying that it was "undemocratic and could harm relations with the minority Arab population".

Mentioned in the Star Tribune, other Israelis, find the law discriminatory because it only applies to non-Jews, and not even to those Jews of Jewish descent who come back to Israel based on the country's Law of Return

Afghan Government Closes Down Eight Private Security Firms

The Afghan Government closes down eight private security firms and keeping only those that are supporting the international embassies and organizations.

These firms are being banned on the basis that they are training guards that are protecting "military convoys, government officials and businesspeople". Weapons have been seized from these companies.

According to the Star Tribune, the companies that are included in the list of eight firms are; Xe Services (formerly called Blackwater), NCL Holdings LLC, Four Horsemen International(FHI), Compass International and two Afghan firms White Eagle and Abdul Khaliq Achakzai. The other two were reported as smaller firms that the names were not important.

As reported on, Afghan President Hamid Karza, declared a decree to disband all the private security firms by the end of four months.

Most of this is done in protection of the people of Afghanistan, to avoid corruption and so on.

Bomb Scare on Plane to Pakistan

A 20-year-old Canadian man was detained, Sunday, on suspicion of carrying explosives onto a plane.

According to MSNBC, the 273 passengers were told that the plane landed due to technical issues in Sweden on its way to Pakistan from Canada.

On, it was reported that the man was released with not enough concrete evidence against him. He also did not know why he was involved in the situation and why he was being questioned.

The Star Tribune reports that the call was made from an unidentified woman that may have had an "ax to grind" with the man. If the woman is found she may be charged with public mischief.

Voting in Afghanistan

Heading towards the polls in Afghanistan Saturday, Afghans were not able to ignore the bomb attacks, the bullets and the danger around just voting.

According to CNN, the turn-out of voters were around 40 percent voting for more than 2,500 candidates for only 249 seats.

Though vote fraud was very much speculated for this year it did not seem as big of a deal as the danger and terror that was happening around the poll sites. As reported in the Pioneer Press, NATO's International Security Assistance Force, stationed in Kabul, sent out about "300,000 Afghan police officers and soldiers" to polling sites to keep the voters safe.

Voting turn-out was quite low but the ballots will be taking longer than just a few weeks to sort through. In the Star Tribune counting the ballots could even take up months to count and the results could end up coming out in October.

Despite the dangers of just casting a vote, some Afghan officials have stated, seen in the Pioneer Press, that it was truly a show of democracy.