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Bus goes into flames while acting troupe is in Red Wing

Troupe America's tour bus went up in flames while the troupe was putting on their recent sold-out show in Red Wing Thursday night.

The tour bus which as been with the troupe for years, according to the Star Tribune, belonged to the bus driver, Jeff Cooper's father.

The troupe's show director, Curt Wollan, said that most of the troupe liked to hang out in the bus and were waiting for a pizza delivery when they noticed the smoke started in the generator around 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

According to the Pioneer Press, the troupe performed their show, The Church Basement Tour - A Second Helping, to two sold-out performances.

Although they had to travel to the performances by van, the actors did very well. The only prop that didn't make it was the "Pastor", David Simmon's guitar that he plays onstage. The other props for the show were stored in a separate semi truck that accompanied them.

During the time of the bus went up in flames, most of the cast was in the Nichols Inn of Red Wing. Only three people were sent to the hospital to be treated for possible smoke inhalation for grabbing personal items from the bus, but were released the same night.

Clinton visits Haiti for aid and the ongoing election

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was visiting Haiti on Sunday to look at the process of aid in Haiti, to visit a cholera treatment center and to discuss about the reconstruction of the country during the Haitian presidential election.

Currently three candidates are fighting for the two spots that go on into the second round of the election.

According to CNN World, Clinton will be meeting with the current president of Haiti, President Rene Preval, and the other candidates for the race.

As reported in the Associated Press, Clinton is turning down rumors that the U.S. will stop aid for Haiti during the crisis that is happening with the election. Clinton reassured that the U.S. will continue with aid to make sure that work is put in "'that goes to governance and democracy programs, that will be going to a cholera treatment center.'" Clinton also gave her opinion that the picked successor of the current President Preval, Jude Celestin, should step out of the race.

Analysis of Leads

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The article I will be looking at is the Star Tribune one about the driver who died when he drove into a ditch, flipped his car and was ejected.

It recently just updated as I am writing this, but before it was a nice, straight, to-the-point lead that was very clear. Compared to the Pioneer Press lead, which was very wordy and seemed a bit too long, it was very concise and clear. It had attribution and was very nicely written. However, since it has been updated, the lead before did not have the time, while the new updated version does have the day the event happened.

The lead is written well even though there is limited about of information that is given at this time. The journalist does not have an identifier for the person but no information is known at this time.

A driver dead after an accident on Highway 61

A driver on Highway 61 lost control of his vehicle and ran into a ditch near Lower Afton Road in St. Paul, said the Minnesota State Patrol.

As reported on the Star Tribune, the driver drove into the ditch and around 6:18 a.m. and after hitting a tree, the car rolled, the driver was ejected and died.

According to the Pioneer Press, the driver drove a 1996 Acura Integra and his identity will be released on Monday, said the State Patrol.

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