Analysis of Leads

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The article I will be looking at is the Star Tribune one about the driver who died when he drove into a ditch, flipped his car and was ejected.

It recently just updated as I am writing this, but before it was a nice, straight, to-the-point lead that was very clear. Compared to the Pioneer Press lead, which was very wordy and seemed a bit too long, it was very concise and clear. It had attribution and was very nicely written. However, since it has been updated, the lead before did not have the time, while the new updated version does have the day the event happened.

The lead is written well even though there is limited about of information that is given at this time. The journalist does not have an identifier for the person but no information is known at this time.

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OK. Be sure to keep up with these. The task will continue to help you with the news writing generally.

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