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Most recent death toll in New Zealand earthquake

The most recent death toll has risen to 147 last week, while there are still more than 200 people that are missing.

According to the Star Tribune, more than 600 rescuers scoured through the through the city but no one was found alive.

As reported on CNN.com, the list of more than 200 missing people are being crosschecked to assure the identity of those who have died from the earthquake.

A series of aftershocks followed the Tuesday earthquake. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Tuesday earthquake occurred as an aftershock from the September earthquake in New Zealand.

Teen prostitutes will be seen as victims and not delinquents

Ramsey County Attorney General John Choi has started a new initiative, supported by some county prosecutors, where teen prostitutes will be seen as victims rather than delinquents.

According to theStar Tribune, the initiative will be pushing to help teens come forward and find a way to get help from outreach and recovery programs such as Breaking Free.

As reported by the Pioneer Press, Choi says that the teens who are involved are victims and not "engaged in a delinquent act."

These changes are currently being made because of the present law that doesn't specifically define if a teen prostitute is a victim or a delinquent, but stating that they are both.

A St. Paul man was arrested Friday on a charge of third-degree and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Herbert Lee House III, 22, made a 19-year-old woman with Down syndrome perform oral sex on him while on the bus.

According to the Star Tribune, a 16-year-old and his 17-year-old friend witnessed the act and called the police.

As reported on the Pioneer Press, House tried to get the victim to leave the bus with him. The victim was spotted crying when she got off the bus with the victim and then was told to get back on the bus by her personal attendant.

House also has a history of charges of theft and fifth-degree assault. When asked about the incident, House said that the woman was hugging and touching him and that she had trouble breathing.

Vikings looking for a new stadium

Ramsey County toured the possible site in Arden Hills on Tuesday where a new stadium for the Vikings might be built at.

According to the Star Tribune, Arden Hills is one of the few sites that have been proposed to Ramsey County along with the Metrodome, a site by Target Field, and a site by Target Corp. in Brooklyn Park.

Ramsey County is hoping and expecting to see stadium bills in the following week. This situation gives Ramsey County a segue-way into talking with Dayton, the legislature and the Vikings about the stadium.

As reported by the Pioneer Press, Ramsey County commissioners voted to meet and negotiate with the Minnesota Vikings and the state about building a new stadium north of St. Paul.

The Arden Hills site is a former army ammunition plant that many people said would be a great site for the new stadium.

Many people are expressing ill feelings toward the decision to build a stadium in Arden Hills. People are afraid of an increase in sales tax that happened in Hennepin County when the Twins' stadium was being built. Other people have expressed concerns about how much Ramsey County had spent on trying to get the Vikings to play there a few years prior.

Vikings officials have looked at the site and have said that it is a possible site for a stadium but are still looking at other sites.

Nokia partners with Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft will be partnering together to create smartphones that will pull sales away from Apple and Google.

On CNN.com, Nokia will adopt the Windows Phone as the main smartphone and Bing will become the main search engine on all Nokia phones.

The partnership will be a long-term one, although experts say that Nokia should look to Google's Android platform instead.

Although Nokia is the largest cell phone and smartphone manufacturer, Nokia's recent Symbian platform is still not the best among consumers, saying that the system is clunky and awkward, especially "in an increasingly touchscreen-focused environment."

According to AP, both Microsoft and Nokia both say that the partnership will create "greater global reach and scale."

So far the main focus of this partnership is to make the Windows Phone as appealing as the iPhone or Android by creating other "devices of a quality level and hip factor."

Neil Mawston of London-based Strategy Analytics, said that the Symbain platform expectedly phase out in two years and possibly be replaced entirely or mostly by the Windows Phone.

Structure Analysis

The article I chose to analyze is the most recently posted article on CNN.com, that focuses on the reaction of the people of Egypt as they heard President Mubarak announce Friday evening that he was stepping down.

I am using this article because as I am writing this blog, it was released 13 minutes ago and it would be interesting to go back to it once in a while and see how the different paragraphs are moved and where the journalist put certain information. Since it is a short article, this is how it looks when I first saw it:

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- Demonstrations that began with quiet determination on the Internet more than three weeks ago erupted into riotous jubilation Friday evening, moments after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced he would step aside.

Protesters swarmed army tanks that had been deployed to keep order, banged drums, blew whistles and frantically waved the Egyptian flag in celebration. They danced in circles and chanted.

Two men dropped to their knees and began to pray as soon as the news was announced.

"Freedom!" crowds chanted outside the white carved walls of the presidential palace.

"God is great," they shouted in Tahrir Square.

The reaction was quick to pour in across some of the same social networking sites that Egyptians used to help organize the historic protests.

"Egypt -- you are a shining light," one Twitter user posted in congratulations.

It gets right to the point and grabs the reader's attention by appealing to the emotional side. Right now there isn't much information that the journalist has gotten but I can see her adding more to the first or two paragraphs and leaving more of the personal reactions near the end. The lead and first paragraph is right to the point and gets the breaking news down.

Suicide bomber kills 31 Pakistani soldiers at training camp

A suicide bomber dressed as a school boy approached the Pakistani training camp Thursday, killing 31 soldiers and injuring 42.

According to AP, the bomber was linked to the Pakistani Taliban.

The Taliban claims that the bomber was a soldier in Mardan and offered to "sacrifice his life for Islam."

The Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said that they accepted his offer and "told him to target his fellow soldiers in Mardan."

As reported on Reuters, a military statement said that a boy walked into the camp and blew himself up "without giving his age."

AP reported that the remains of the bomber seemed to be of a teenage boy, but Reuters reports that government officials say the bomber must have been around the age of 19 or 20.

AP reports that the same camp was the site of a previous similar bombing incident in 2006, which resulted in killing 35 soldiers.

According to Reuters, the Taliban's purpose behind the attack of recruits is because the "Pakistani army is working for American interests in Pakistan."

New York TV executive found guilty by jury for beheading wife

A New York TV executive who created a Muslim-oriented television station was found guilty of second-degree murder on Monday for beheading his wife.

According to CNN.com, Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan was terrified of his life claiming that his wife was abusive and demanding. He claimed that nobody had been listening to his side of the story for the entirety of his marriage.

As reported on the Pioneer Press, Hassan's wife, Aasiya Hassan, had just served him with divorce papers a few days before her death.

Hassan told her to bring some of his clothes to the office and it was there that Hassan killed her. Afterwards Hassan walked into a police station in Buffalo, New York and told them that his wife was dead.

On CNN.com, two of the children were asked during the trial about their parents. Both children mentioned that their were always arguments and fights but that it was never their mother who started the fights. They also mentioned that there were always domestic violence calls made to police but that neither of their parents were arrested.

The University of Minnesota's Board of Regents turned down a request to reopen a suicide case involving a man who was involved in a psychiatric drug study at the university.

According to the Star Tribune, the request to reopen the case was made by eight professors and ethicists. The letter from the Board of Regents stated that the case was already viewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Association, the state attorney general's office and the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

As reported in the Pioneer Press, Dan Markingson's mother, Mary Weiss, tried to remove him from the study, believing that his schizophrenia was getting worse.

Weiss' lawsuit stated that Markingson's psychiatrist forced him to sign up and that the university was keeping him in the study to "preserve its research and to keep payments coming from his participation."

The university was later removed from the lawsuit in February 2008 and Olson later settled in April.

The faculty members that requested to reopen the case was wondering why the university did not consider Weiss' opinions and concerns about the study. The university's general counsel, Mark Rotenberg, stated that at the time, Markingson's condition was improving so they did not address Weiss' concerns.

Bloomington apartment engulfed by flames

A Bloomington apartment was damaged from a fire on Tuesday morning.

According to the Pioneer Press, residents of the apartment were only injured from jumping from the windows of the building.

As reported in the Star Tribune, the fire occurred around 4:45 a.m. Most residents were still inside when police and firefighters arrived. Not finding an exit, most people were dropping their children from the windows to the police and firefighters on the ground. A few people got out safely after a ladder was placed below the window.

Only one person was seriously injured. Six people were taken to Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina and three were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Attribution Analysis of shooting article

For the CNN.com article about the shooting at Youngstown State University, there is a very good variety of sources used.

Six different sources were used for this article ranging from people who knew the victim on a personal level, the police, a spokesperson, the Ohio governor and the coroner.

The professional quotes/ attributions are scattered very well throughout the article and some quotes from the police are scattered throughout. However, the two attributions from people who knew the victim are kind of bunched at the bottom and seemed to just be squeezed in for more emotional effect.

The attribution is clearly written and is not misleading at all. It is very affective and the writer uses different forms of attributing instead of using just one style. Most of the quotes are from people but just a few are from public records.

Student killed at Youngstown State University

A Youngstown State University student died after being shot early Sunday when trying to separate two disputing groups.

According to CNN.com, Jamail Johnson, 25, was shot at the back of his head and the lower part of his body, police said.

There were 11 people hurt, which included six students.

As reported on The Associated Press, the two shooters left after a dispute and returned that Sunday.

Those that were injured were taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center. Eight that were treated were released that same afternoon.

Many Hmong-Americans are traveling to California to attend the six day funeral of Gen. Vang Pao.

As reported on the Pioneer Press, the six day funeral starts Friday in Fresno. About 5,000 Hmong Minnesotans will be attending the funeral in Fresno, said Kahoua Yang, Lao Family Community Center spokesperson.

According to the Star Tribune, Gen. Vang Pao's family and most Hmong, are awaiting to hear if he will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. The request for Vang Pao to be buried at Arlington was made by California Reps. Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza.

Most small businesses in Fresno are preparing for the visit of many Hmong people from across the country as well as helping with funeral preparations for thousands of people.

Dayton plans to help fund Minnesota schools

Dayton is continuing to stand behind his campaign to increase funding for better Minnesota schools.

As reported in the Star Tribune, Dayton and Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius gave a brief summary of the plan on Friday about more money for schools and more early childhood education as well as closing the achievement gap between minority and white students.

According to the Pioneer Press, Dayton's plan is a 7-point plan titled "Better Schools for a Better Minnesota." It also focuses on all-day kindergarten and making sure that all children learn to read by the third grade.

Although Minnesota's budget is running low, Dayton says that there are "no excuses" to help increase funds for K-12 education.

Dayton did not give further details about his plan and is instead "deferring all questions" until the release of his budget on Feb. 15.

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