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The article focuses on the death of Geraldine Ferraro who was the first female running mate of

Flood breaks gas line in New Ulm

Flooding in New Ulm breaks a gas line on Sunday.

According to the Pioneer Press, state emergency officials shut off the gas when residents smelled gas and saw bubbles in the river on Saturday afternoon.

As reported on the Star Tribune, Jill Oliveira, spokeswoman for the state's emergency operations center, said that the temporary gas line was being checked on regularly and that a new gas line will be built underground after the waters recede.

Two men shot in the leg at separate times and locations

Two men were shot in the leg at different times and locations in South Minneapolis on Sunday.

According to the Pioneer Press, the incidents happened within less than an hour between each other. One man was shot in front of a convenience store and the second occurred outside of Crosstown Market on 58th Street and 34th Avenue South around 1 p.m.

As reported on the Star Tribune, the first victim knew the shooter but the second victim did not. Convenience store owner Cal Abdul said that victim one and the shooter were arguing in the shop and went outside when the shooter pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg.

The shooter fled on foot. The incident was filmed on the store's surveillance camera. Both victims were treated at the Hennepin County Medical Center and are expected to recover.

Bachmann gets historical fact wrong

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann mistook Concord, N.H., for the Concord, Mass. where the famous shot was heard around the world.

Bachmann was in N.H. for her first stop on her political trip to talk about a 2012 year-free of President Obama.

According to the Pioneer Press, Bachmann's speech was interrupted by people posing as college students who protested for increased funding for AIDS treatment programs.

As reported on the Star Tribune, Bachmann's speech was met with loud applause in support of an Obama free year in 2012.

Nevada man dead after falling into abandoned mine

A Nev. man was declared dead Friday afternoon by a coroner after he fell into a mine and rescue workers were unable to rescue him.

As reported on, U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokesman Doran Sanchez said that there was no safe way to retrieve the body and sending anybody down would be too dangerous.

According to AP, two unsuccessful attempts were made to save the man, Devin Westenskow, 28, who was buried in debris from the shaft.

The family released a statement acknowledging all the hard work and effort that the rescue teams did to try and save Westenskow.

Westenskow was seen breathing earlier Friday by a video camera rescue workers lowered into the shaft. Westenskow was pronounced dead by the coroner observing footage from the camera that showed that Westenskow had stopped breathing.

In the AP article about filmmaker Michael Moore's appearance at Madison, Wis., protest, the journalist writes only a few responses from the crowd. The journalist writes that the crowd "roared" and that they "yelled 'thank you'" to Michael Moore. There isn't much audience reaction as I thought they would focus on. They seemed to focus really little on his speech as well, only touching on his speech three to four times throughout the article. There are instances where they use direct quotes with paraphrases and sometimes there are just paraphrases.

Because they only touch on Moore's speech three to four times, there isn't much of the "quote-support" structure that most speeches are written like. Since there's not a lot of references to Moore's speech, there were very few supports. Although the supports kind of worked as a way to remind the reader what the issue was about by touching on the subject of Gov. Scott Walker and his budget bill.

Filmmaker Michael Moore stands behind Wisconsin protesters

Filmmaker Michael Moore stopped at Wisconsin to urge protesters in Madison, Wis. to continue to fight the elitists and comparing the protest in Wis. to the revolt in Egypt.

According to the Pioneer Press, Moore said that the "wealthy have overreached" and that they were taking the money and souls of the working class people and "shutting them up at the bargaining table."

As reported on the Star Tribune, the crowd responded with a roar of agreement on behalf of what Moore was saying. Sen. Lena Taylor said that Democrats left in order to "slow the bill down."

Sen. Chris Larson is urging the people of Wis. to "stay strong" and work to make sure that workers' rights are not the target of Walker's budget plan.

Al Nolen healing, but not playing in next game

University of Minnesota senior Al Nolen dribbled and took a few shots at Saturday practice but won't be playing in the next few games.

According to the Star Tribune, Tubby Smith doesn't think Nolen will be able to play at the Big Ten tournament.

As reported on the Pioneer Press, Nolen was not able to run around and practice so he won't play, Smith said.

Nolen no longer needs to wear the boot around his broken right foot. His team, as well as him, hopes to have Nolen play at the Big Ten tournament.

Parents arrested after mother throws baby in snowbank

A one month old baby is still hospitalized after her mother threw her into the snowbank during a dispute with the baby's father on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Pioneer Press, witnesses noticed the mother, 21-year-old Ashley Renee Couch fighting with the father, Deontae Thurmond, and throwing the baby into the snowbank.

As reported in the Star Tribune, other witnesses raced to pick up the baby, but the mother grabbed her away from a witness that was holding the baby.

The baby had a core temperature of 95 degrees and was only wearing a t-shirt and covered by a blanket. The baby was hospitalized at Hennepin County Medical Center and had life-threatening injuries.

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