Jesus statue damaged from fire

A 7-foot-tall Jesus statue outside of a St. Paul home was damaged by fire on a Saturday night.

The statue was specially made in Vietnam for Tuan Pham was in the middle of a dispute between Pham's family and the St. Paul City Council, being cited to being too close to the Mississippi River bluffline. The required distance is 40-feet.

According to the Pioneer Press, Pham's wife woke up at 6 a.m. Sunday to find piles of small wood at the base of the statue and an aerosol can and matches nearby. A smaller statue next to the 7-foot statue was damaged.

As reported in the Star Tribune, the family set up "Do not touch" signs by the woodpile and the aerosol can so as not to disturb the evidence. The family sees this as a sign, where Pham believes that he should never give up like God and that he should "follow him."

The statue's base was discolored and covered in gray soot.

This is the second time the statue has been damaged. The first time somebody fired a paintball at the Jesus statue about a year ago.

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