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Cuba's President makes new rules

After falling very ill, Fidel Castro passed over his role as president onto his younger brother, Raul Castro, who made new political decisions and rules on Saturday.

According, President Castro made changes to the terms of political and state officials to two consecutive terms of 5 years.

In a report from AP, President Castro also emphasized the importance of getting rid of ration books and other subsidies and focusing on supply and demand in some areas of the country.

President Casto's new proposed changes to the politics of the country is a plan to "rejuvenate the country's politics." There has not been success of finding younger leaders that are "adequately prepared." After taking over for Fidel Castro, Raul will be around 86 at the end of his 2nd term.

Suicide bomber kills 42 people at Pakistani Shrine

Two suicide bombers went to a shrine in central Pakistan killing 42 people and injuring 100 on Sunday.

According to the Star Tribune, the second bomber was arrested when he was wounded from when his vest of explosives partially went off.

As reported on, police chief, Ahmed Mubarak, said that 10 people of the injured were in critical condition.

"Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan called The Associated Press to claim responsibility for the assault."

Most recent death toll in New Zealand earthquake

The most recent death toll has risen to 147 last week, while there are still more than 200 people that are missing.

According to the Star Tribune, more than 600 rescuers scoured through the through the city but no one was found alive.

As reported on, the list of more than 200 missing people are being crosschecked to assure the identity of those who have died from the earthquake.

A series of aftershocks followed the Tuesday earthquake. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Tuesday earthquake occurred as an aftershock from the September earthquake in New Zealand.

Suicide bomber kills 31 Pakistani soldiers at training camp

A suicide bomber dressed as a school boy approached the Pakistani training camp Thursday, killing 31 soldiers and injuring 42.

According to AP, the bomber was linked to the Pakistani Taliban.

The Taliban claims that the bomber was a soldier in Mardan and offered to "sacrifice his life for Islam."

The Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said that they accepted his offer and "told him to target his fellow soldiers in Mardan."

As reported on Reuters, a military statement said that a boy walked into the camp and blew himself up "without giving his age."

AP reported that the remains of the bomber seemed to be of a teenage boy, but Reuters reports that government officials say the bomber must have been around the age of 19 or 20.

AP reports that the same camp was the site of a previous similar bombing incident in 2006, which resulted in killing 35 soldiers.

According to Reuters, the Taliban's purpose behind the attack of recruits is because the "Pakistani army is working for American interests in Pakistan."

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