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Rep. Giffords to attend husband's shuttle launch

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been cleared to attend her husband's shuttle launch in Florida on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, this is the first time traveling for Giffords since she was transferred from Arizona to Houston for rehab. Giffords' spokesperson and chief of staff are planning to hold a news conference after the launch to express Giffords' reaction, but she will not attend.

As reported on, trauma chief at University Medical Center, Dr. Peter Rhee, told CNN's Sanjay Gupta, that Giffords won't exactly be 100 percent back. Rhee said that the scars on the outside is a reflection of what is happening inside. There will be permanent damage that won't come back as well as changes, emotions and memories that will affect her.

Search continues for Idaho miner

The search goes on for an Idaho miner who is still trapped after the tunnel collapsed on Friday evening.

According to, the tunnel collapsed when 53-year-old Larry Marek and another co-worker were working in the Lucky Friday mine when a wall of mainly rock fell down. The other co-worker was able to escape.

According to the AP report, the co-worker was Marek's brother. The only statement released by the family was that Marek was trapped after the roof of the tunnel collapsed and that family members were at the site.

Rescuers were able to dig 32 feet of about 75 feet of the dirt and rocks that caved in. A machine from the East Coast will be shipped to help dig the rest of the rocks while rescuers watch from a safe distance.

Relatives of 9/11 victims are opposing the idea of keeping the remains of the victims seven feet underground and behind a wall as part of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the site of the World Trade Centers.

According to, the museum, about to open in the fall, will house the 2,789 victims' remains.

The protesters say they were unaware of the plans to house the remains underground, while officials say that they have been in contact with the relatives.

As reported on the Star Tribune, families and relatives are proposing to have a different memorial instead that is separate from the museum just like the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Christy Ferer, "who lost her husband in the terror attacks and worked as a liaison for Mayor Michael Bloomberg with 9/11 families," said that the location and idea of the memorial was done in thought for the families.

Ferer said that they wanted the remains to be as close to the site as possible.

Filmmaker Michael Moore stands behind Wisconsin protesters

Filmmaker Michael Moore stopped at Wisconsin to urge protesters in Madison, Wis. to continue to fight the elitists and comparing the protest in Wis. to the revolt in Egypt.

According to the Pioneer Press, Moore said that the "wealthy have overreached" and that they were taking the money and souls of the working class people and "shutting them up at the bargaining table."

As reported on the Star Tribune, the crowd responded with a roar of agreement on behalf of what Moore was saying. Sen. Lena Taylor said that Democrats left in order to "slow the bill down."

Sen. Chris Larson is urging the people of Wis. to "stay strong" and work to make sure that workers' rights are not the target of Walker's budget plan.

New York TV executive found guilty by jury for beheading wife

A New York TV executive who created a Muslim-oriented television station was found guilty of second-degree murder on Monday for beheading his wife.

According to, Muzzammil "Mo" Hassan was terrified of his life claiming that his wife was abusive and demanding. He claimed that nobody had been listening to his side of the story for the entirety of his marriage.

As reported on the Pioneer Press, Hassan's wife, Aasiya Hassan, had just served him with divorce papers a few days before her death.

Hassan told her to bring some of his clothes to the office and it was there that Hassan killed her. Afterwards Hassan walked into a police station in Buffalo, New York and told them that his wife was dead.

On, two of the children were asked during the trial about their parents. Both children mentioned that their were always arguments and fights but that it was never their mother who started the fights. They also mentioned that there were always domestic violence calls made to police but that neither of their parents were arrested.

Student killed at Youngstown State University

A Youngstown State University student died after being shot early Sunday when trying to separate two disputing groups.

According to, Jamail Johnson, 25, was shot at the back of his head and the lower part of his body, police said.

There were 11 people hurt, which included six students.

As reported on The Associated Press, the two shooters left after a dispute and returned that Sunday.

Those that were injured were taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center. Eight that were treated were released that same afternoon.

Clinton visits Haiti for aid and the ongoing election

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was visiting Haiti on Sunday to look at the process of aid in Haiti, to visit a cholera treatment center and to discuss about the reconstruction of the country during the Haitian presidential election.

Currently three candidates are fighting for the two spots that go on into the second round of the election.

According to CNN World, Clinton will be meeting with the current president of Haiti, President Rene Preval, and the other candidates for the race.

As reported in the Associated Press, Clinton is turning down rumors that the U.S. will stop aid for Haiti during the crisis that is happening with the election. Clinton reassured that the U.S. will continue with aid to make sure that work is put in "'that goes to governance and democracy programs, that will be going to a cholera treatment center.'" Clinton also gave her opinion that the picked successor of the current President Preval, Jude Celestin, should step out of the race.

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