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New and changed rules for air traffic controllers

New and changed rules are in affect for air traffic controllers as there have been recent incidents where controllers are falling asleep on the job.

According to the Associated Press, the new rules will be applying to truck drivers, firefighters and other jobs where there is extensive need of changing sleep habits and working night shifts.

According to, the new rules came about when there was a seventh incident when an air traffic controller was suspended after being found sleeping on the job.

"Controllers will now have a minimum of nine hours off between shifts, instead of the current eight-hour minimum." Most controllers are given shifts of a week of midnight flights and then a week of morning flights following right after. "Controllers can no longer be put on an unscheduled midnight shift following a day off."

Two men were arrested after they confessed to helping sell a gun to the shooter of the Brazil school shooting on Saturday.

Charleston Souza de Lucena, 38, and Isaias de Souza, 48, did not know that Wellington de Oliveira, 23, would use the gun.

According to the Associated Press, Oliveira was a former student of the school where he killed 12 students and injuring about another 12.

Nevada man dead after falling into abandoned mine

A Nev. man was declared dead Friday afternoon by a coroner after he fell into a mine and rescue workers were unable to rescue him.

As reported on, U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokesman Doran Sanchez said that there was no safe way to retrieve the body and sending anybody down would be too dangerous.

According to AP, two unsuccessful attempts were made to save the man, Devin Westenskow, 28, who was buried in debris from the shaft.

The family released a statement acknowledging all the hard work and effort that the rescue teams did to try and save Westenskow.

Westenskow was seen breathing earlier Friday by a video camera rescue workers lowered into the shaft. Westenskow was pronounced dead by the coroner observing footage from the camera that showed that Westenskow had stopped breathing.

Nokia partners with Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft will be partnering together to create smartphones that will pull sales away from Apple and Google.

On, Nokia will adopt the Windows Phone as the main smartphone and Bing will become the main search engine on all Nokia phones.

The partnership will be a long-term one, although experts say that Nokia should look to Google's Android platform instead.

Although Nokia is the largest cell phone and smartphone manufacturer, Nokia's recent Symbian platform is still not the best among consumers, saying that the system is clunky and awkward, especially "in an increasingly touchscreen-focused environment."

According to AP, both Microsoft and Nokia both say that the partnership will create "greater global reach and scale."

So far the main focus of this partnership is to make the Windows Phone as appealing as the iPhone or Android by creating other "devices of a quality level and hip factor."

Neil Mawston of London-based Strategy Analytics, said that the Symbain platform expectedly phase out in two years and possibly be replaced entirely or mostly by the Windows Phone.

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