So this assignment about inventing a new type of cookie is very interesting. I was excited and nervous, because I don't cook very often and I have never baked cookies before (I mean, I did bake cookies three times in my life, however I just need to take the cookie dough from a box and place it on a cookie sheet and then bake it, so I don't think that counts). This time is different; I have a chance to make my own cookies!

Before making the new cookies, I had several brainstorm sessions with my friends, and we came up with some very crazy and fun ideas, for example: straw cookies (drink milk from your cookies), apple cider cookies, cookie cake, cheese cookies, spicy cookies, and the funniest idea would be the cookie games (for example, you can play tic-tac-toe with your friends and the winner will eat all the cookies!) Finally, after I evaluated my real baking skills and sorted all the ideas, I figure out "flavor" is still the most attracting field to people. Besides, spicy cookies or sour cookies...these weird flavors will not attract many customers either, so I finally decided to find solutions from all the sweet ingredients.
First of all, I googled some information about what do you need to bake cookies, and then I went to Target getting all the supplies. As I said, I have never baked before, so I didn't even have my own cookie sheets.
Check this out! Exciting exciting!!
Then I followed the online instruction and tried to bake normal cookies first. I need to get familiar with the process and understand the ingredient portion. I bought food colors as well, so I also added some "blue" to my cookies, just for fun.

The process went very well, however, it took me like half hour to finish baking. I think there were two reasons behind this long time: first, the oven was not hot enough when I started; second, the cookies were blue, so it was hard to tell if they were done or not. Great to know, no more blue cookies.

And then my second group of cookies is my real experiment. I wrote down all the ingredients I bought and then came up with following options: Yogurt cookies; marshmallow-sandwich cookies; half chocolate/have original milk flavored cookies (two in one! The best of both worlds!), skittles cookies, and caramel cookies. At the same time, I saw my boyfriend "secretly" eating my marshmallows with caramel, and then he told me about Carmelo Anthony (a professional basketball player who has played with Denver and New York) because his name is delicious sounding and CARamel + marshMALLOW sounds like Car-melo...his basketball player talking inspired the next cookie idea! I could make marshmallow melted in the caramel and then mix them with cookie dough! It's great to have someone who knows about sports to bake cookies with! So then I made one Car-mallow cookie as well.
It only took me 15 minutes to bake them and we already got winners and losers. First of all, the marshmallow-sandwich cookie was really NOT that easy to bake, maybe I should have baked the cookies first and then insert marshmallow later. 1376351_613908208655323_1297652099_n_副本.jpgThey tasted ok but looked like absolute failure.

Then after my boyfriend and I tasted all the cookies, we selected several good things from each type of them. The half and half was a great idea, yogurt cookie tasted the best, skittles had really fun texture, car-mallow cookies tasted so much better than the caramel one, and the baked caramel added more "crispy" to the cookies.
So finally I decided to combine them all together: half yogurt-skittle cookies, and half car-mallow cookies. Crazy idea with a lot of ingredients! I also added some green colors to the car-mallow, just to differentiate them.
I though it could be easy, however the whole process was really a pain. I didn't know how to make more cookies, so I didn't have enough flour; when I heated the caramel and marshmallow together, the marshmallows were expanding and exploding from my bowl, and they almost got those sticky mixing all over my microwave; because the half an half cookies had different ingredients on each side, so all the cookies looked awfully ugly and the two sides were not even. Finally, all the skittles went through the cookie dough, and melted on the cookie sheets, so all the cookies stuck on the cookie sheets and I could barely remove them...
I got so cranky and I didn't want to bake in my whole life, like ever. The kitchen was such a mess as well. I guess I wanted too much from these cookies and my cookies were too overloaded. I didn't even notice the fact that if two sides of the cookies were too different the whole cookie would not be even. They are really weird, not even as good as my first experiment. I need a break.
Sunday afternoon, I went back to the kitchen, and decided to revise my cookie recipe. Instead of adding too many ideas, I will just make my cookie with caramel, marshmallow, and yogurt together, no more skittles this time. Also after I learned many details about Carmelo Anthony, I decided to use Car-mallow-gurt as the cookies' name! This time, they turned out very well, and I let more people taste them, they all loved the new flavor. Car-mallow-gurt tastes even better with frosting!
Here is the full recipe and please enjoy:)
• 2 cups all purpose flour
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 1 cup packed brown sugar
• 1 large egg
• 1/2 cup butter
• 1/4 cup yogurt
• 1/2 cup milk
• 1/2 cup caramel
• Handful Marshmallows
I am lazy, so I invented my own baking instruction:Preheat the oven to 375 degrees--- Mix everything together in a big bowl---drop small amounts of dough onto cookie sheets evenly(if that's possible)---then bake them for 15minutes. Done!


You definitely had extensive testing for your cookie! A strong characteristic for sure, as the viewer I can see your process and the trials and errors you had.
Your blog could be set up a little better to make it more legible. Overall it is good, however there are a few parts where the pictures split up sentences in odd ways (The first two pictures, for example, split the words "The process" from the rest of the sentence, which is just a little weird to read). I think spacing out the photos more should help with this. Otherwise it looks great!

Annika, you have such great voice & personality in your writing. Reading your blog was a pleasure. Your brainstorming process was great and actually rather inspiring.
Your cookies were pretty good. Though it looks like you did a lot of exploring, maybe you could have done (just a little) more and tried to make your cookies chewy. Additionally, I agree with Josh that your blog layout is okay but maybe try to be more consistent with your picture layout so that it is more visually appealing.

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