Before I started the idea generation, I watched some fun TV shows: The Big Bang Theory and Arrested Development. I also re-watched the Movie Borat (I love that movie). Then I played Egyptian Rat Screw with my roommate and I also showed her my own card tricks. After card games, we found another game "spot it" in our "miscellaneous" kitchen drawer,so we just played the simple version of it as well. It was a quite fun afternoon and the most awesome part is: all of these games are for HOMEWORK!
spot it-3.jpg

After that, I started thinking about Winter, and I came up with some ideas. Here is the mind map. The special thing about the mind map: I started the right side first and then I figured out the right side had reached too far from the theme, so when I was thinking about the left side, I made it closer to the winter theme.
After sorting my ideas, I found these subthemes are quite interesting:
1. Winter warming products: body warmer, drink warmer...
2. Winer designs/fashion: coats, boots...
3. Winter holiday decoration: Christmas tree, ornaments...

Then it took me a long time to think where I should start the silly design ideas. Luckily I got a lot of inspirations from my mind map, so I think these ideas would make our winter happier and easier.

#1: Temparature Ring - A ring that can help you control your body temperature and help you stay warm the whole winter.
#2: Snowman Builder - Want the most beautiful and biggest snowman? This snowman builder can help you roll the most stable-round snowballs and help you build your own snowman.
#3: Easy-fold Christmas Tree - Just save more storage room for your Christmas tree.
#4: Self-warm Mug - Pour cold drink in it, and enjoy the warm drink after 1 minute. You don't need microwave in winter!
#5: Auto Ski - You don't know how to ski, but my gears know! Adjust the buttons on the side of your gear, and then the glasses will detect the distance and adjust the speed for your ski.
#6: Flannel PJ with Pillow - So easy, just sleep/lay anywhere you want. Good design to support your neck when you watch TV as well.
#7: Blanket TV - Hide under the blanket and enjoy the TV programs under your warm "fort".
#8: Christmas Song Fireplace - Plays Christmas songs whenever there is fire in it. Music changes based on the brightness of fire. There is a button on the side of the fireplace to adjust the speaker's volume.
#9: Winter Bike Cover - Protect yourself from cold wind/snow when you bike in the winter, and also it keeps you warm. It's just a light transparent cover attached on the bike, you can use it whenever is needed.
#10: Self-shower Robe - I hate taking a shower in the winter, why not just standing there, wearing the shower robe, and let the robe wash you and dry you, so you don't need to do anything, and you will be clean and staying warm at the same time.


First, Egyptian Rat Screw is awesome. Sandwiches and doubles. I also liked your colored mind map. It was also good that you wrote out some of your sub-themes on the blog. To critique some of your ideas, should the flannel pj's have feet on them? I think that would fit the theme. The self warming mug might be feasible, as well as a high market demand. See you tomorrow!

I think what is most interesting about your "silly" designs are that almost all of the have to do with warmth or finding ways to be warm. I wish I had a temperature ring! Can that please be real? So much of what occurs in the winter, especially for us here in the upper midwest is finding ways to deal with the cold. Your focus in that area of warmth and comfort seemed extremely important and would be designing for an audience exposed to these elements. Your mind map felt a little restrained (probably due to scale of your notebook). It might have been beneficial to take a large sheet of paper so you could really expand however much you wanted without the restraints of your papers. This would have aided you in the availability to add more drawn elements to make the mind map more clear.

I thought your game was called 'snot it' so i was thrown off haha, but i'm glad you played with a lot of things to get motivated!

Your mind map is really clear, i wish there was more visual imagery since there was so many fun things you played around with and watched.

I love the temperature ring! i wish i had a lot of the body warming/entertainment devices for myself since I can't stand the cold! your theme is prevalent here and your designs relate to one another to your sub themes which is really nice.

The Christmas fireplace is a fun idea. I always find myself using the netflix fireplace in the winter for background noise and to get me in the season. I often use graph paper to sketch on but sometimes I find the grid distracting from my ideas. Adding a touch of color to emphasize a part of your drawing can be a playful way of exploring you ideas more and adding depth to your sketches.

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