Assignment 7


From last week, I got 109 people take my survey and I think these top 5 ideas have a lot of potentials to be marketable products.
Here are the top 5 Ideas again:
1.Self-warm Mug - Pour cold drink in it, push the button, and enjoy the warm drink after 1 minute. You don't need microwave in winter! (Battery operated!)
2.Flannel PJ with Pillow - So easy, just sleep/lay anywhere you want. Good design to support your neck when you watch TV as well.
3.Shopping Schudulizer- A website allows you to type all the stores you want to do holiday shopping at & all the shopping categories you want, and then click "schedule", the whole program will tell you the best itinerary and which floor should you go pick up your desired items. Just be organized during holiday season.
4.Winter Bike Cover - Protect yourself from cold wind/snow when you bike in the winter, and also it keeps you warm. It's just a light transparent cover attached on the bike, you can use it whenever is needed.
5.Map Shopping Bag- A store map on the reusable shopping bags, so the customers will remember to bring their shopping bags to the stores and also they will be able to read the floor map from the bag. (know where to get everything in the store!)
Next step, Pugh chart:
My evaluation criteria are:
1.Is it feasible to turn it into a real product? (feasibility)
2.Is there a clear need? (marketability)
3.How creative is this idea? (novelty)
4.How big is the impact of this idea?
5.Is it easy to get access to the relative technology?
6.Can I communicate the idea clearly?
For this Chart, I chose the map shopping bag as benchmark, and compared other ideas with it. Not surprising, The Flannel PJ with pillow won the competition! I used to love the shopping schudulizer idea, however after comparing everything together, it is still less feasible than the PJ idea, so I decided to focus on the Flannel PJ with pillow.
After searched the different languages for pillow and different ways to make this design sound more creative, I decided to go back to this design's origin: It's a simple creation and it deserves a easy&catchy name. So I finally decided to combine the two words "pillow" and "flannel" together = "Plannel" and maybe I will make a bunny as a part of this brand logo :)
This is a prototype I made!
Finally, I made my elevator pitch video!
Here is the attachment:
30 second "elevator pitch" video.MOV


You framed the pitch nicely by provided situation in which consumers might use the product. I'm finding after viewing a few pitches that having data on price, cost estimates, and market size adds a level of credibility to the product. It is a short amount of time to present, so you may not have time to talk about all of those things, but it might be a good idea to have those facts in the back of your head in case it comes up in questions. I would be sure to emphasize the differentiating factor of the pillow and how it has neck support for TV watching since there are other pajamas with hoods on the market. This product is certainly something I would want to curl up in!

Good luck tomorrow!

Great pitch! I was fascinated by how excited you are in the video as well as in the meeting, even though the video frighten me a little bit by how close you were. I love your idea and how you name your idea. Your prototype also brought some funny aspect to the presentation. Personally, I think the questions that you chose for Pugh chart were favoring for Plannel rather than what you really want to challenge the ideas.

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