Proactiv the real solution?

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When you watch Proactiv commercials, like this one with Justin Beiber, Justin Beiber starts talking about how growing up is causing a problem for him, the problem being acne. Are we suppose to believe that Proactiv is the real solution just because Justin Beiber says it works for him? I understand he's a celebrity and just because he says it worked for him doesn't mean it works for everyone. For all we know he could be lying to us, because we don't know if he is really using the product and if he really does have a problem with acne. This is an extraordinary claim. We don't have enough evidence that he does use it on a regular basis and that it works for everyone. Justin Beiber can't represent everyone in the world. Not everyone has the same skin type. Proactiv has been using a lot of celebrities to sell their product. When i hear real life stories about Proactiv, they aren't stories like Justin Beiber, Alicia Keyes, or Jessica Simpson. I hear from people i know that use Proactiv that it made thier acne worst than it was. So, I'm just saying it's too true to believe that Proactiv is for everyone and it really works.

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