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Discover Native American Literature World


Discover Native American Literature World

1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, 2007 by Sherman Alexie.
2. The Painted Drum, 2005 by Louise Erdrich.
3. Grass Dancer, 1994 by Susan Power.
4. Night Flying Woman, 1983 by Ignatia Broker.
5. Tales of Burning Love, 1996 by Louise Erdrich.
6. Ceremony, 1977 by Leslie Silko.
7. Tracks, 1988 by Louise Erdrich.
8. Shell-Shaker, 2001 by LeAnne Howe.
9. Reservation Blues, 1995 by Sherman Alexie.
10. The Antelope Wife, 1998 by Louise Erdrich.

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