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Back in Minnesota

Well I'm back . . . arrived safely Saturday evening after uneventful flights. On the flight from Nairobi to London I sat next to a couple who were so happy to be leaving Kenya . . . I snarled at them a few times and they finally stopped talking to me about how great it was to be going home.

The culture shock in coming back to Minnesota has been more difficult than going to Kenya. I suppose it didn't help that my first full day back I went to Target! My sister came with me and after about 15 minutes she had to do the shopping and I just followed her around pushing the cart.

It's great seeing friends and family . . . I'm grateful for having them in my life. And, I'm happy to invite them to visit me in Kenya! I'm working on my scholarship application and plans for return. I'm trying very hard not to keep saying how much I miss Kenya.

But I really do - it's in my blood now -

And it's back to the reality of school and internship and my teaching assistantship . . . and all the details and scheduling that come with it. Yikes - way more intimidating than living in a new culture :)

Thanks for coming along with me on my trip to Kenya for the last 11 weeks. I expect I'll be taking in what I've experienced for quite some time - what an amazing thing I've had a chance to do this summer. Thanks for all of your support - and all the ways in which you've supported me - they encouraged me and made my trip easier.