My relation to Hip Hop Culture

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When I was growing up, I wasn't exposed to the hip hop culture as much as other people might have been. I barely listened to music and when I did started searching for different kinds of music, I was into other genres. But, there was one short period of my life when I got into listening to hip hop music. The only artist that comes into my mind straight away are Jedi Mind Tricks, Atmosphere, and Evil nine. I don't even know how the very first hip hop artist I listened to became to be Jedi Mind Tricks but this is the link to the first song I've heard from them:
I very much liked how Jedi Mind Tricks combined classical instrumental play with his raps. And I liked the clear distinction in beats that was accompanied by rhythmic flow of words.
I can recall that when I was in England, I saw a lot of graffiti's on the wall. Also, in Seoul, I would always see these two large graffiti's painted on the side of the wall as I would look out of the window on my way to school in a train. I would always focus my attention on the roundness of letters that the bubble letters were painted as.
One of my closest friend in high school was into break-dancing and I remember all those times when he would get on the dusty and presumably dirty ground and try showing me moves that he practiced at home. Of course he wasn't that good at it but still, it was fun to watch him.breakdancing.png
I didn't have any close friend that I knew was dee-jaying. I know that there is one person that went to the same high school as me who always talks about dee-jaying on Facebook.
So, other than myself imagining to beatbox at one time of my life or listening to hip hop music for a couple of months, I have not been associated with hip hop culture or dealt with any kind of difficulties or struggles regarding it.

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