A man who was not wearing seat belt died in four car crash

A Chevy Suburban was driving on Highway 5 near the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Thursday and it crossed the median that crashed on another three cars that lead one dead and eight injuries.
The State Patrol told the Star Tribune that the man who killed in the accident was Twamar T. Terry of Maplewood. He and the 25-year-old Suburban's driver, Michael J. Brown, were not wearing the seat belt while driving.
The City Pages reported that Brown was driving down Highway 5 when he crossed into the median. The car collided head on with a Lincoln Navigator, and then hit a minivan and a Volkswagen Phaeton.
Brown was taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment. Also, four people suffered minor injuries and four had non-life threatening injuries, according to the City Pages.
The State Patrol, Lt. Eric Roeske, told the Star Tribune that the highway was dry when the accident happened. However, Brown told the state trooper that he couldn't remember anything that lead the crash. Roeske also said that Brown showed "no obvious signs" of being intoxicated and the result of a blood-alcohol test still not available at this time.
According to the Star Tribune, this Friday would have been Terry's 31st birthday.

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