Jimmy John's workers stand up to protect their right and want a fair treatment

Seven main members of the Jimmy John's Workers Union workers were fired on Tuesday shortly after they requested the paid sick days.
After the firing, the workers created a poster that claimed eating at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches will put the public in health risk since the sandwiches is made by sick food workers, according to the City Pages.
David Boehnke, who was fired in this incident, told the Minnesota Daily that they were fired for saying they want better working conditions and he said the firing was outrageous.
However, franchise owner Mike Mulligan of MikLin Enterprises disagreed for their claim. The City Pages reported that Mulligan denied the accusation from the poster and didn't agree that the worker were not allowed to call in sick.
The Minnesota Daily also reported the statement from MikLin saying the posters disparaged the company's reputation and showed "extreme disloyalty and malicious intent to damage" the company.
Jimmy John's has four-point system. Workers are deducted one point for missing work without finding a replacement and half a point for coming to work 10 minutes late, according to the Minnesota Daily.
Brittany Koppy, who works in at the Dinkytown Jimmy John's, told the Minnesota Daily, the system was a new attempt by management to aid the stringent policy.
Erik Forman, who was fired by Jimmy John's, told the City Pages that the company could not fire workers for organizing activities. They were also filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.
According to the City Pages, Forman also said that they didn't worry about what they said was defamatory and they have the right to communicate with the public about health concerns.

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