STD cases has raised about 5% in Minnesota

The number of sexually transmitted diseases in Minnesota increased about 5% than last year, according to a report released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Health.

MDH's report told that the STD cases had increased from 16,912 in 2009 to 17,760 in 2010, the City Pages reported. The STD cases included chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Chlamydia cases reached a record 15,294 which is the most common infection. Syphilis cases reached 347 cases which is a 62 percent spike over 2009. Gonorrhea cases were the only positive trend with 2,119 cases which is 9 percent reduction from 2009.

Peter Carr, who manages the STD program at MDH told the City Pages that it is the highest number of cases ever recorded in Minnesota in a single year since they began tracking Chlamydia back in 1986.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the teenagers and young adults ages 15 to 24 were the main group of the increase. They occupied about 70 percent of the cases. Carr said the cervix is more susceptible to Chlamydia at that age.

Also, in the 221 early stage syphilis cases, it was about 89 percent of cases involved men who had sex with other men. Therefore, MDH had launched a campaign last June to raise awareness among gay and bisexual men and plans doing it the same this year, the Minnesota Daily reported.

The Star Tribune reported that authorities worry there is growing apathy about HIV and syphilis. It be treated with antibiotics but can result in blindness, dementia and mental illness of untreated.

However, University of Minnesota has low rate of STDs. In the 2010 results, only 0.7 percent of students reported being diagnosed with Chlamydia, and no student reported being diagnosis of gonorrhea or syphilis. Dave Golden, the director of Public Health at Boynton Health Service, told the Minnesota Daily that 78 percent of students reported having one or no sexual partners in the last year could be the reason of the low rate.

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