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Residents in St. Paul's North End neighborhood rise fear of the safety after a 26-year-old man,Trevell Glass, was killed and Ryan L. Davis, 28, was wounded by gunfire about 2 a.m. Wednesday on Manitoba Avenue at Rice Street.

Jerry Born, who has owned the bar at 899 Rice St. for 38 years, told the Pioneer Press that the shooting occurred about 10 minutes after an earlier altercation at the bar. Born didn't know if the people involved in the shooting were the same people in the fight. Also, police hadn't determined if the shooting was connected to the altercation at the bar and the motive of the shooting remained unclear.

Four suspects were arrested. They were Byron Brantley, 31, was arrested on suspicion of murder. LeAndrews Miller, 27, David Keys, 24, and Xavier Buckhanan, 36, were arrested on suspicion of aiding an offender and both of them have not been charged, the Pioneer Press reported.

Gloria Balderas, a resident live near the scene, told the Star Tribune that it's a quiet neighborhood during the daytime, but at night it gets crazy. She felt scary to come home through the neighborhood. Other residents also said they often hear gunshots and often hear arguments coming from Born's Bar at night, according to the Pioneer Press reported.

Glass's cousin, Ray Williams, told the Star Tribune that Glass's family believed he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police said Davis was taken to Regions Hospital and he was expected to survive, according to the Star Tribune.

A car crashed 3 U students

Three students, who study at University of Minnesota, were walking on the sidewalk along 5th Street SE. heading west toward 12th Avenue Friday, and they were knocked down by a car after they saw a flash of headlight.

At about 2 a.m., Katelynn Hanson, 21, Joe Bailin, her boylfriend, and their friend Sarah Bagley, 22, were heading west toward Bailin's apartment after they left the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown. They saw bright lights coming toward them on the sidewalk, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Susan Hanson, Katelynn's mother told the Minnesota Daily that a car slammed into those three students and knocked them to the ground after few seconds. It continued down the block, hitting another pedestrian, Benjamin Van Handel, 23, who was walking alone on the sidewalk at the same time.

According to the Star Tribune, Handel was in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center with a severe brain injury and multiple broken bones. Bagley was in satisfactory condition with a concussion, injuries to her knee and elbow, and a chipped tooth, and Hanson was released from the hospital at 6:30 a.m. Friday. In this incident, only Bailin escaped the accident.

Hanson told the Star Tribune that she felt lucky to have escaped with just a bump on her head and a sore leg. She described the crash knocked her out of her shoes and it sent her friend, Bagley, flying at least 30 feet down the street.

Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said police were searching for a white Toyota Camry or Solara, built in the last decade, with front end damage, according to the Minnesota Daily.

STD cases has raised about 5% in Minnesota

The number of sexually transmitted diseases in Minnesota increased about 5% than last year, according to a report released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Health.

MDH's report told that the STD cases had increased from 16,912 in 2009 to 17,760 in 2010, the City Pages reported. The STD cases included chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Chlamydia cases reached a record 15,294 which is the most common infection. Syphilis cases reached 347 cases which is a 62 percent spike over 2009. Gonorrhea cases were the only positive trend with 2,119 cases which is 9 percent reduction from 2009.

Peter Carr, who manages the STD program at MDH told the City Pages that it is the highest number of cases ever recorded in Minnesota in a single year since they began tracking Chlamydia back in 1986.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the teenagers and young adults ages 15 to 24 were the main group of the increase. They occupied about 70 percent of the cases. Carr said the cervix is more susceptible to Chlamydia at that age.

Also, in the 221 early stage syphilis cases, it was about 89 percent of cases involved men who had sex with other men. Therefore, MDH had launched a campaign last June to raise awareness among gay and bisexual men and plans doing it the same this year, the Minnesota Daily reported.

The Star Tribune reported that authorities worry there is growing apathy about HIV and syphilis. It be treated with antibiotics but can result in blindness, dementia and mental illness of untreated.

However, University of Minnesota has low rate of STDs. In the 2010 results, only 0.7 percent of students reported being diagnosed with Chlamydia, and no student reported being diagnosis of gonorrhea or syphilis. Dave Golden, the director of Public Health at Boynton Health Service, told the Minnesota Daily that 78 percent of students reported having one or no sexual partners in the last year could be the reason of the low rate.

Suspect killed by polices after carjacking

The 28-year-old man, Jason Barsness, carjacked a Red and White Taxi cab in the Lowry Tunnel in Minneapolis around 5 a.m. Thursday, and he was killed by police after a 40-minutes high-speed chase.

The Taxi company's general manager, Pat White, told the Star Tribune that Barsness smelled of alcohol but didn't appear drunk. The cabdriver got suspicious when Barsness provided him a north metro address. He took out the gun and robbed the driver after the driver asked Barsness how he was going to pay.

According to the KSTP, the police used spike strips on Interstate 35E at 80th Street in Columbus. The taxi then left the road and stopped in a ditch. Barsness raised a gun when police officers approached to the taxi. Therefore, the five officers opened fire, and Barsness was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. The officers who had fired their guns have been put on paid administrative leave.

The Star Tribune reported that the court records show that Barsness had some criminal record including convictions for drunken driving, disorderly conduct and domestic assault. Barsness's friend, Elysah Dawson, had received his voicemail before the incident. She still didn't believe it and had a sick feeling of it.

After the incident, the driver who robbed by Barsness spend the day at home, but he planned to return to work Friday, the Star Tribune reported.

The Hispanic population rate in Minnesota has increased nearly 75 percent from 2000 to 2010, whereas the Hispanic growth rate in University of Minnesota has increased only 35 percent.
According to the Star Tribune, the Census Bureau reported that Hispanic population is the fastest-growing minority population in Minnesota. It is about 250,000 people which is about 4.7 percent of state residents.
However, the growth didn't reflect the same phenomenon in the University. The Minnesota Daily reported that the University is at the bottom in Hispanic enrollment among Big Ten universities. The spring 2011 enrollment numbers showed that Hispanics occupied about 2.3 percent of the students which is less than half that of the state.
Louis Mendoza, associate vice provost in the Office for Equity and Diversity as well as chairman of the Department of Chicano Studies, told the Minnesota Daily that any public university at least need to stay at the speed with the estimated growth of the population.
Indeed, Hispanic students have improved in area such as ACT scores, first-year retention rates and four-year graduation rates, according to the Minnesota Daily. For example, the average ACT score among Chicano/Latino students grew from 22.9 to 25.6 from 2004 to 2010.
Robert McMaster, vice provost and dean of undergraduate education, told the Minnesota Daily that Hispanic students have minimized the gap when comparing with white student such as the average ACT scores and four-year graduation rates.
People see the diversity is important to the University. Office of Admissions Director Wayne Sigler said that it is a benefit to all of the students, faculty and staff when having a diverse student body in the University, the Minnesota Daily reported.
In addition, Juan Carlos Alanis, a publisher of La Prensa, a weekly Spanish newspaper, suspected the numbers. He said the numbers did not count the undocumented part of the local Hispanic community and the reason might be the Hispanic people were afraid to participate in the census, according the Star Tribune.

Gas leak in St. Paul evacuated hundreds from 12 businesses

A gas leak on the Central Corridor in St. Paul Thursday caused hundreds were evacuated from 12 buildings, road closed, and about 1,200 customers with no gas service.
Tom Hoento, Xcel Energy spokesperson, told the City Pages that Xcel Energy crews were working on a gas main along the Central Corridor in relation to the light rail construction. However, a cap on the end of the pipe came off and created "blowing gas".
The workers discovered the gas was blowing immediately. The odor of gas wafted in the air along University Avenue. The City Pages reported that the fire marshal evacuated 12 buildings near the corner of University and Snelling Avenues. The street also shut down. After the gas was shut off, about 1,200 customers had no gas service.
In this incident, no one was injured, but many were affected. According the Star Tribune, workers from the businesses waited in the parking lot, on a bus or some restaurants near the area. Also, some could not use their own car, so they took cabs home.
Babak Oskoui told the Start Tribune that he felt light-headed as he evacuated the Spruce Tree Center about 11 a.m. and Misty Becken said she was worried because she's pregnant.
Steve Roalstad, the other Xcel spokesman, told the Star Tribune that they were not sure how the cap came off and the investigation could take days to determine.
According the Star Tribune, some extra crews from Xcel went door to door of their customers to check appliances and then relight pilot lights.

A man who was not wearing seat belt died in four car crash

A Chevy Suburban was driving on Highway 5 near the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Thursday and it crossed the median that crashed on another three cars that lead one dead and eight injuries.
The State Patrol told the Star Tribune that the man who killed in the accident was Twamar T. Terry of Maplewood. He and the 25-year-old Suburban's driver, Michael J. Brown, were not wearing the seat belt while driving.
The City Pages reported that Brown was driving down Highway 5 when he crossed into the median. The car collided head on with a Lincoln Navigator, and then hit a minivan and a Volkswagen Phaeton.
Brown was taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment. Also, four people suffered minor injuries and four had non-life threatening injuries, according to the City Pages.
The State Patrol, Lt. Eric Roeske, told the Star Tribune that the highway was dry when the accident happened. However, Brown told the state trooper that he couldn't remember anything that lead the crash. Roeske also said that Brown showed "no obvious signs" of being intoxicated and the result of a blood-alcohol test still not available at this time.
According to the Star Tribune, this Friday would have been Terry's 31st birthday.

Seven main members of the Jimmy John's Workers Union workers were fired on Tuesday shortly after they requested the paid sick days.
After the firing, the workers created a poster that claimed eating at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches will put the public in health risk since the sandwiches is made by sick food workers, according to the City Pages.
David Boehnke, who was fired in this incident, told the Minnesota Daily that they were fired for saying they want better working conditions and he said the firing was outrageous.
However, franchise owner Mike Mulligan of MikLin Enterprises disagreed for their claim. The City Pages reported that Mulligan denied the accusation from the poster and didn't agree that the worker were not allowed to call in sick.
The Minnesota Daily also reported the statement from MikLin saying the posters disparaged the company's reputation and showed "extreme disloyalty and malicious intent to damage" the company.
Jimmy John's has four-point system. Workers are deducted one point for missing work without finding a replacement and half a point for coming to work 10 minutes late, according to the Minnesota Daily.
Brittany Koppy, who works in at the Dinkytown Jimmy John's, told the Minnesota Daily, the system was a new attempt by management to aid the stringent policy.
Erik Forman, who was fired by Jimmy John's, told the City Pages that the company could not fire workers for organizing activities. They were also filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.
According to the City Pages, Forman also said that they didn't worry about what they said was defamatory and they have the right to communicate with the public about health concerns.

Leeban Simeso, a 25-year-old resident in Stadium View apartment, had assaulted three women when they were sleeping in their apartment, and Simeso was charged with criminal sexual conduct.
According to the Minnesota Daily, Simeso is alleged to have raped one woman on Oct. 8 and fondled two others on Oct. 16. He remains in jail and faces three felony charges of criminal conduct for rape and molestation.
The Minnesota Daily quoted the police report saying that the victim was awakened about 6 a.m. when the suspect fondling her on Oct. 16. But the suspect left after she screamed.
Police told the KSTP TV that even though Simeso was not a student, he still claimed he was a college student when he lived in the apartment. The manager of the apartment told the KSTP TV that they will kick out Simeso from the apartment after he is being charged.

The community shocked by two shot in Cedar-Riverside

Two men were shot on Jan. 25 evening outside the community center in South Minneapolis' Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, but both of them were survived.
Tony Wagner, president of Pillsbury United Communities, told the Star Tribune, that the two men were standing near the entrance of the community center and a car just drove by and shot them.
Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer told the Minnesota Daily that the two men were sent to Hennepin County Medical Center. One was shit in torso, and the other was shot in the leg. But they are both expected to live.
The Star Tribune reported that the police had made an arrest at the late evening.
This security of this community is a concern since it is not a first time having a shoot incident. According to the Star Tribune, on Sept. 22, 2008, Ahmed Nur Ali, a 20-year-old student at Augsburg College who had been volunteering at Brian Coyle, was shot and killed.
The Star Tribune reported that after the shooting, about 25 people gathered across the street to watch police work. Mahboub, who was in the area when the shooting occurred, told the Minnesota Daily that security is something they are going to demand.

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