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After taking several computer science courses in the past, I am excited to learn this course, since it includes lot information in programming, and have a good summary about every programming process. I am sure that I will learn a lot from this course.
Based on the programming experience I have in the past. I think I know more in writing effective comments compared to other areas. Since I was in class 1901, I tried to write all the comments after every function in the program. I think it is the best way to test myself if I have understood every step of the code. Sometimes, we need the comments to come up the code that will implement the aim as well. I will keep writing comments every time as I write the code.
As a student who doesn't have much programming experience, there is really a lot for me to learn in this class. I look forward to improving my skill in some areas such as testing frameworks, writing good tests, and designing a useful class hierarchy. Based on my programming experience, I believe that the test codes are always playing an important role in coding. It is a useful approach to find out the program problem; it can give you clue of where your bug is or what kind of logic mistake you made. Writing good tests is a very efficient way to analysis your program and makes it perfected. Also, designing a useful class hierarchy is crucial as well. As we know that the Abstract Data Types are the foundations of class, they created models of objects for programmer, in order to have a better understanding of the code we wrote. The role of the class hierarchy designer is not only to design the class hierarchy but also to create a rationalization of the class hierarchy. First, the logical conditions identify the way in which the base class is refined by the derived class. In addition, the difference between two peer classes can be understood by comparing their logical conditions. For me, I really lack the knowledge of these two aspects which I believe are crucial for a programmer, so I expect to learn more in this class and do more practice.

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