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Before going to college, I didn't have much experience working in team. Since all my work is asked to be done individually in high school. My concept of working together is blurring. Actually, I have to say I have no idea how to work in team on one project. However, after two years in college, I have learned a lot from working in teams. The benefits of working in teams seem obvious, but the challenges are still inevitable.
I will share some experience in working together with my partner in programming. Two years ago, I had my first computer science course 1901, and it was also my first time to work in pairs with programming. My partner has a lot programming experience, although we are supposed to work together, actually, I didn't get a lot chances to program. But at that time, I am not really care about if I can do programming or not, I just wanted to finish the lab, get the problems done. After the lab, I spend a lot of time reading the code wrote by my partner. However, it is very difficult for me to understand. I want to ask him what's going on, but for most of time, I didn't know how to describe my question. In addition, because of we are in two different levels, I can't understand his explanations. I think my situation is different from most of students, but it is the truth. I have different partners in 1902 and 2021, but I have to say, I didn't make much contribution in team working. Most of the time, I tried to understand the code written by my partner and learned more or less. As for the course 3081, I started to learn more from working in teams, my partner and I discussed the problem together and tried to understand it together. We keep almost the same pace and we understand each other. I think we work better together because we communicate better. We know we are on the same track and it is much more efficient. Since there are still many labs and projects in front of us, it will be a good chance for us to work together and learn more from working in teams. In opinion, I think we should keep communication a lot, expressing everyone's thoughts. Whenever someone get a question, say it directly, don't be shy and shameful. If you keep silence and stay confused, you will find the problem getting more and more confusing as your work continues.


I'm glad to hear you found a partner with a similar degree of knowledge. It's very hard to have a sense of what you're doing without asking questions and finding answers. By having a partner who is a good fit, neither one of you should be embarrassed at all.

Cameron Muehlen

I'm glad to hear you're taking a more active role in the labs this semester. I think that sometimes students focus too much on grades or just getting an assignment turned in on time when they should be focused on learning the concepts being taught and improving as programmers.

Keep it up and ask for help when you need it. You're right that there's no reason to feel any shame.

-Chris Saffert

I have also worked with partners who were either much more knowledgeable or way behind in course material and it can be very taxing. You either feel as though you are holding back your partner and not understanding the material, or that you are being held back by your partner. It's much more productive to find a group of people who either have unique specialized skills or similar abilities and can contribute equally.

I experience something similar to what you describe in this blog. I had never programmed before I took 1901 last fall, whereas my partner has a job programming for the physics department.

I hope that my partner and I can work well together such that neither of us wishes they had a partner at their own level.

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