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Planning and the Tension of Sustainable Development

In Chapter 2 of the "Urban Land Use Planning" textbook,  Berke et al. introduced a prism model of sustainability. The prism model offers a structure for identifying and dealing with conflicts inherent among values of equity, economy, ecology, and livability. 

The "value conflict" concept delivered by the prism model is somewhat abstract. I recommend you to read a 2008 New York Times article German City Wonders How Green Is Too Green as the story provides a vivid example of value conflict.

Do you know any similar stories that reflect the tension of sustainable development? If so, please add the story to this blog and share it with your fellow classmates!
In Healey's "A Planner's Day", she documented a fifteen-minute discussion between the assistant chief planning officer (ACPO) and a representative of the local architectural firm. The local architectural firm was hired by a major European high technology company  to design its regional headquarter on twenty acres of land that is halfway between the city center and the regional airport.  The site was originally city-owned school playing field, had a long frontage to the main road, and was considered of high environmental quality.

After you read this negotiation episode, I would like to hear from from your thoughts on the following three questions.

   1. Who are the stakeholders involved in this site planning/design project?

   2. What are the potential conflicts among various stakeholders?

   3. What knowledge and skills did the ACPO use in negotiating with the representative of the local architectural firm?

Please add entries to this blog to describe your thoughts before our first class on 9/8/2009.

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