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New EPA Tool for Sustainable Urban Development

At the White House Urban Affairs sustainable communities forum, Administrator Jackson unveiled a new EPA tool to help local governments identify specific zoning code and land use ordinance fixes that would improve access to affordable housing, provide additional low-cost transportation options, preserve community character, and protect the local environment. This tool is available at

The EPA tool include 11 "essential fixes "

1. Allow or require mixed-use zones
2. Use urban dimensions in urban places
3. Rein in and reform the use of planned unit developments (PUDs)
4. Fix parking requirements
5. Increase density and intensity in town and city centers
6. Modernize street standards
7. Enact standards that foster walkable places
8. Designate and support preferred growth areas and development sites
9. Manage stormwater with green infrastructure
10. Adopt smart annexation policies
11. Encourage appropriate development densities on the edge

Please select at least one of the "essential fixes" and elaborate on how they can help us reach the heart of the sustainability prism and which type of conflicts the "fix(es)" may mitigate.  Please also point out caveats of your selected "fix(es)". 

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