Where is Home? & Why We Travel- KA YU YIP

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In the speech "Where is Home?" Pico was mainly talking about the meaning of home, and how to achieve inner peace of ourselves in order to find our "Home".
I felt great empathy with the speech, because I have similar feeling and experience in my life. I am studying abroad now, all of my families are far away from me, and I can only rely on myself. In my initial abroad career, I felt exciting about the new environment and culture, but not truly happy. I feel very mixed-up about the future at that time. It was because I did not know what I want and always felt unstable in my heart. I was always so busy about my schedule so that I did not even have time to think about my future. As Pico points out, people are so busy nowadays. We try to schedule every minute we can to gain money and chase success, and spend most of our time on texting. I can say that most of the people are losing big part of their life because they are deeply addicted to all these electronic devices in nowadays society.
So I took a long break before me transfer to university. I decided to slow down my pace and take a look on my life. Instead of struggling about the past, I sets up the plan for my future, because I started to know what I want and where am I trying to go. Then I realized that life needs us to press the "pause" bottom once in a while, so that we can have enough time to check the way forward. Just as Pico says, "I do think it's only by stopping movement that you can see where to go. And it's only by stepping out of your life and the world that you can see what you most deeply care about and find a home."

I think the speech of "Where is Home" can be relative to Pico's article "Why We Travel". They are both talking about finding the true self after seeing the outside world. I think travelling is a very good way to let people find out what kind of person they are. When we get to a new place, without knowing anyone, with no connection, so that we can be the true self. Travelling can makes people understand the real perspective and true need of one self.

Question:Is that slowing down and think about our own situation is the only way to reach the inner peace?

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