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Finding Pamphlets in the YMCA Archives

A list of over 2,000 pamphlets in the YMCA Archives is now available online. The succinct communication form of the pamphlet allowed the YMCA to craft targeted messages for targeted audiences. This collection wonderfully illustrates the evolution of the YMCA's scope of work and audience. The development of work from the YMCA safeguarding the soul of man as described by "The Call and the Qualifications. Christian Work Among Young Men. When and How To Do It" (1883, by E. Corwin. [Box 1]) over time became a community approach to the development of the whole individual, as outlined in "Parents Co-Operate. The Role of Parents in YMCA Boys' Work" (1945 [Box 3]).

This collection presents an opportunity for researchers and YMCA professionals to access the pamphlets, many of which are available no where else, for the first time. Up until now the Archives have had no listing or index of this material.

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