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February 22, 2012

Full Text of WWI Newspaper Now Online

A nearly complete run of Trench and Camp, a newspaper published by the YMCA for army camps during World War I is now available online via the University of Minnesota's UMedia Archive. The full text of the Camp Upton (Long Island, New York) edition can be searched from the "Images/Media" tab on the YMCA Archives web site (for best results, limit the search to Trench & Camp newspaper). You can also browse through the issues via UMedia or via a list of links from the YMCA Archives' finding aid for Trench and Camp newspaper.

Trench and Camp was printed weekly in different editions for each of the thirty-two cantonments, with about half the material supplied weekly from a central editorial office in New York, and half by local reporters. Its purpose was "to print the news, to inform, to stimulate, and to help relieve the tedium and monotony of camp life" for soldiers, as well as "to be a graphic account of the life of our soldiers, whether they be drilling or fighting, at home or 'over there'" for civilians. Contributions from soldiers include descriptions of the entertainments at the camps, athletic contests, educational lectures, jokes, and poetry, as well as personal columns telling of their experiences. The YMCA Archives collections include runs, in varying degrees of completeness, for thirty different editions from across the country.