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Enduring Vision, new book about George Williams College

EnduringVisionPostcard(1)_Page_1.jpgFor the past several years Rita Yerkes and Wilma Miranda (Dean Emeritus, George Williams College of Aurora University; Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University) have made numerous trips to the Kautz Family YMCA Archives. So many in fact that I lost count, but in losing track I gained two friends.

One of the great pleasures of working in the archives is being able to sometimes witness a book move from concept to finished product. These two scholars from Illinois have crafted a wonderful narrative of the YMCAs efforts to establish a training school in the Midwest. This training school founded with the goal of professionalizing YMCA work matured and expanded in typical YMCA fashion to become a pioneer in the areas of adult education, group work, physical education, recreation and social work.

In addition to telling the development of George Williams College, the authors also shine light on three often neglected YMCA pioneers, Robert Weidensall, William E. Lewis, and Isaac E. Brown. Additional information (including how to purchase) can be found in the link below.


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