January 31, 2006

Here in Sunny Florida

I'm here in sunny Orlando Florida at the Stellent Crescendo Conference. I wish I had a digital audio recorder because I would record interviews with some of the people at this conference.

Stop back tomorrow. I will be posting photos of Billy Cripe - who lead the breakout sessions: Workflow for Men in Kilts and Workflow for Auditors in Kilts.

I'll be writing my impressions from the breakout session on Corporate blogs and wikis. I did a search on "Stellent blog" to find some buzz about this. I don't think there are other bloggers at this convention. The only blog entry that I found which wasn't press release type material was this.

Developing. . .

Starting a U Blog

I'm starting a blog here to discuss the intersection between communications and IT. So I'll blog my impressions of IT professional meetings I go to such as NetPeople or IRoc. Please send comments to young041 at